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Jul 11, 2012 04:17 AM

Beer Can Chicken

Anyone have a good Beer Can Chicken recipe to share?

I've been on a BCC kick this summer, and looking for interesting rubs or preps to use before putting it all on the grill.

I can't believe I've never cooked chicken on the grill this way before and I'm just lovin it!

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  1. I like to drink enough of the beer to make room for the juice of a lime, plus a couple cloves of garlic in the can, then shove the squeezed lime, a little fresh thyme and a small onion in the neck of the chicken to 'seal' in the steam a little.

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      Thanks....made this tonight and would definitely make it this way again. The onion in the neck to seal seemed to make the skin extra crispy which I liked.

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        I did pick up some tips here. and I would agree with their conclusion. The chicken doesn't taste any better or worse than cooking it without a beer can when attended to and cooked properly.

        The reasons I like this method is because it cooks vertically so I can do two, even three chickens on my grill, and I don't really have to handle the chickens until they are time to remove.

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          The ceramic chicken sitters work really well, at least for the birds I do in the overn. They are much more stable. I fill them with whatever wine I have that's been open for too long, and a little garlic and rosemary. The testers are probably right that it doesn't enhance the flavor of the chicken, but it does create some wonderful cooking aromas!

      2. I use this one and add about a tbls of five spice powder. I think the main benefit to beer can chicken is you park it on the grill and forget abut it for a couple hours and it leaves room on the grill for lots of sides.

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        1. My husband makes a spice rub and rubs the inside and outside of the chickens before impaling them on the cans. The spice rub varies according to his mood but it adds a lot of flavor. There's always brown sugar and cayenne, sometimes he'll use tandoori seasoning, etc. It's never the same twice.

          1. I can't believe I've never cooked chicken on the grill this way before and I'm just lovin it!

            Read this:

            Drink the beer. Don't cook with it.