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Jul 11, 2012 02:51 AM

Going to Biddeford/Saco for a week on Saturday, need recs

I am spending a whole week in Biddeford/Saco starting next Saturday.

Am looking for some good recommendations for hidden gems, not pricey restaurants.

I love ethnic, but am also looking for great seafood places. Would also appreciate places

to shop for groceryies, liquor that are reasonably priced. Also, farmers markets during

the week, for fresh fruits and veggies.

Any help is appreciated. I just don't know this area well and have tried to search, but haven't come up with anything.

Thanks guys. :)

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  1. Saco: Vic & Whit's: beer, wine, cheeses, etc., also soups, sandwiches, salads; Rapid Ray's for fast homemade food--lobster rolls, burgers, clam cakes--no seatig; Run of the Mill for pub fare; Mia's for better dining.

    Biddeford/Biddeford Pool: Jewel of India; Que Hong's; Palace Diner, an authentic gem with some surprises; Buffleheads, classic Maine fare; F. O. Goldthwaite's, general store with food service including lobster and fried seafoods--eat on the oceanfront picnic tables behind the store.

    You're within easy reach of Portland and the Kennebunks, too.

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      1. re: Mainegal

        Hey Mainegal,

        Went to F.O. Goldthwaite's and got twin lobsters, they even had great sides. :)

        Then last night we went to Bayley's in Scarborough for fried fish and it was also excellent.

        Here's a pic of my lobster dinner, thanks again.

      2. It's about 20 miles NE, but the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth has always been a treat for us.

        Another gem we enjoy is Buffleheads at Hills Beach, south east of Biddeford.

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            ok My family lives in Saco. Try Run of the Mill. Its on the Island just between Saco and Biddeford on the main street. (Sit outside and they have live music in evenings).
            Mulligans in Saco (in an old mill building). Everything less than $5 (Basic Bar Food). Stick to the burgers, fried chicken etc. The $5 dollar steak can be good.. sometimes.... They have pool tables and cheap beer. A new place can't remember the name on the Buxton Road (Its the Saco Road if you are coming from Buxton!). Coming from town it will be on your right hand side and it looks like a deli/sandwich place. Food is Columbian... It might be called Arape. Was just featured on Food Coma show. Also in the nearby complex is another deli place that was featured on Food Coma but I haven't been there. Going from Biddeford down to the Pool (I think its Route 9), just outside of town there is a convenience store on left. Good cheap lobster rolls. Further down the road on the left side (its on a corner) is a small cafe/to go shop. Good lobster rolls and other goodies for picnics.

            Heading out on the Buxton Road keep going you will go by the Heath (Park) on your right and keep going till you come to your first traffic light. Turn Left. Go down to Buxton when you cross the Saco River. Big Daddy's Ice Cream. Bring your swim trunks for a nice swim in the river and a turn on the rope swing...

            I know lots of other places (don't know the names of the roads but they are pretty easy to find). I would head to Twin Lights (a Tourist place, but great views of the rocky part of the ocean!). The blueberries are ready and there are a lot of pick your own places in the area.

            There is a new Mexican Restaurant (in the basement across from City Hall Biddeford) which is good (not the one on Main Street). I second the Indian Restaurant.

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              I think the deli on the Pool Road is called Mikes. My mom thinks the deli to go place further down is called the corner. The place I called Twin Lights is called Two Lights (its in South Portland area.)

              1. re: gardgen

                Thank you, I will try th lobster rolls at Mike's.

                I went to The Run of th Mill last night and ate outside with my son. He loved the micro brews and I really liked the fish tacos and sweet potato fries.

                Tomorrow night going to Huats with friends. Any recommendations from there?

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                  I found the deli I believe and it's called Pool St. Market. They started their lobster rolls at 5.95 (finger sandwhich) and then went up from there. The deluxe for 7.95 is excellent and has a really good amount of lobster, so thanks.

                  Didn't make it to Buffelheads, went to Huots instead and had a "touristy" fried haddock/scallop dinner. Not good at all.


                  1. re: mcel215

                    Yes Pool Street Market... Glad you were able to find it. I was going to warn you about Huots, While I had a horrible meal (only ate there once) my folks have enjoyed it.

            2. re: Clams047

              Thank you
              I will give Buffelheads a try and report...