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Jul 11, 2012 01:48 AM

Bondi Beach

hello Sydney hound friends, me again... any recs for Bondi beach? I'll be there for 2 days hoping to find excellent coffee/breakfast spots. also dinner places and mabe a few drinks or pubs? i'm from the US, love all kinds of food, life at the table and want to socialize a bit. not interested in club scene, or overpriced shabby food. any restaurants for a single eater, perhaps with a bar? thanks!

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  1. Grab a seat at the bar in North Bondi Italian Food, it's decent food, a cracking bar and "beautiful" people. But it gets very busy.

    1. Chapter One wine bar has a good list, friendly people and some good views (though not as good as North Bondi Italian).

      1. Sean's Panaroma would be the only other place I'd mention. But I think NBI is where you wanna be

        1. No too many restaurants with a bar to eat at. If your visit hasn't already happened you could check out MissChu for dumplings or rice paper rolls, also right near there is the Sonoma Bakery Cafe --good for breakfast and coffee (you can enter the 'alleyway' from Campbell Parade or Gould st. ). If you want the view of North Bondi but something a little less pricey (and just standard pub type fare) you could go to the North Bondi RSL, or on the other side of the beach the Icebergs club--Amazing views at lower prices.