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Jul 10, 2012 11:58 PM

Food Publications In Southern NE

I live in Providence, RI and i can safely say we do not have a single decent local food publication. (If i hear anyone try to defend the ad-influenced "edible ______" publications i will vomit.). Does anyone know of a person who writes a decent food column around here? Even the smallest local rag. Does anyone know of a decent food publication (not blog) about food?

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  1. I agree - the Projo especially is awful. They don't have a bad thing to say about any restaurant. I find the RI Monthly reviews decent. At the very least they don't give everyone a 4 star review.

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    1. re: Jenkins

      I second Jenkins rec. You cant go by projo and RI Monthly as long as you advertize they will give you a look and an award at that event each summer. There is a couple of free area papers and will give an honest review. I wrote a blog a couple of years on restaurant reviews, there are a few places I was sent to and could not write anything I just left it alone.What they need is the woman who used to write the reviews for the NY Times. She would spit out words like low class dog food I remember on one review.

      1. re: Frank Terranova

        i kinda like the provi. Pheonix restaurant reviews,yeah shes a little forgiving,but usually pretty honest.they do have a good beer column every couple weeks,and its not just advertisers getting reviewed....

        1. re: im hungry

          I can't agree. I find the Phoenix reviews as fawning and pandering as all the others. Find me one, just one, negative or even lukewarm review they've ever written (besides the late Restaurant Oak, famously the only negative review I've ever read in all of RI publications). As I said in a similar topic several years ago, I find every local media's restaurant reviews to basically read like "Special Advertising" sections.

          Essentially, once upon a time, Chowhounds boards were by far and away the best place for local restaurant reviews almost everywhere in the country, but some heavy handed moderating and rules, plus a wholesale move of people away from boards to social media and "grading" websites like Yelp have seriously diminished the SE NE food community here. I've seen some people over the last few years here (myself included) write some detailed, fantastic, super helpful reviews of restaurants and get zero replies. That's the last time someone will take precious time to write reviews like that and doesn't make for a healthy community...

          1. re: Garris

            I travel a lot so I used to write long, detailed reviews on here but you have to be so picky about your wording that it's exhausting. Now I just mostly log on to read the boards.

          2. re: im hungry

            You know I totally forgot about the Pheonix. Good call. I agree with Garris on the grading system. any negative remarks usually go into a filtered section. The only true way to find out about a restaurant when I travel as we did in Puerto Rico was ask the bell person where the locals go after work and sure enough the food at the small restaurants was excellent. In local places I will look fir their web site and read a menu and can figure out how the quality is. This is why chain restaurants are taking over the country and will continue as they will offer a higher quality of food.