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Jul 10, 2012 11:15 PM

Is my chicken still good?

If I bought chicken on Monday evening (not frozen) and it's been in the refrigerator since, is it safe to cook and eat Wednesday evening?


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  1. Does the package label have a use by or sell by date?

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    1. re: sr44

      Yes, but I was always told not to go by that....

      1. In the fridge for 3 days? You should be fine.
        If you meant last monday, 10 days ago, I would use the sniff test. If the chicken smells foul or off, I'd toss it. No amount of washing will get that foul out of the fowl.

        1. Three days, four days, or even five days? I'd definitely cook it & enjoy it. Once it passes 6-7+ days in the fridge, I'd toss it.

            1. re: arktos

              That site's advice notwithstanding, throwing away chicken on Wednesday that's only been in the fridge since Monday - Monday EVENING no less - is simply an unbelievably criminal waste of food. Follow their guidelines if you personally want to & can afford to, but boy, what a WASTE.

              I'll stick to my own guns.