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Jul 10, 2012 09:29 PM

Heading to Orlando and St Petes beach areas..

We are heading to Florida in a week . Staying in Orlando area then St Petes Beach and back to Orlando again. Where are some must eats? In any of those areas or on the trip to Tampma/St Pete. We are 2 adults and a child...He is an adventurous eater as well. Please let me know..Thanks

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    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

      We will be in Kissimmee and by Universal. We have ni problem driving for some yummy grub. I have been checking around and let me know if some of these aren't worth it... Cafe TuTu, Ravenous Pig, Tasting Room/Chefs table, Croissant Gourmet, Hillstone, Teak Grill, Yachtsman, Graffiti Junktion, and Barnie's Coffee Kitchen...

      Some of those i chose just by the food pics...they are only a rough list and I would love suggestions and feedback...

      1. re: Lyn7279

        Of the ones I been too Cafe Tu Tu Tango, and Ravenous Pig are both worth it. I haven't been to the others.

        I might add Rusty Spoon to your list.

        Also if in Kissimmee check out Chef John's Dockside. I've eaten here once and really enjoyed it.

        1. re: Lyn7279

          IMO, TuTu is good especially if you have kids and/or a larger group. Ravenous Pig and Tasting Room/Chef's Table are two of the very best in the whole area (I'd add K, Luma and The Table to that list). Pass on Hillstone (over-rated chain), Yachtsman (Disney hotel mediocre and over-priced option). Never been to Teak, Graffiti or Barnie's Coffee Kitchen but never heard raves about them either. Some other places to consider are Dragonfly, Peperoncino's, Pio Pio, Memories of India, Cedar's, Hanamizuki, Rusty Spoon and La Luce. Look them up online and see if any match what you're looking for. If you want a steakhouse check out Bull & Bear

      2. Totally agree on Cafe Tu Tu Tango - delicious food, fun atmosphere, convenient to Universal.

        I can't recommend anyplace in the Universal City Walk, but while you're in Islands of Adventure, Mythos is a nice spot, and the chicken dinner at Three Broomsticks is pretty good. (Avoid the other options there.)

        For something different and very good (adventurous but still kid-friendly because it's in Disney) check out Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge. And if you're going to be walking around Downtown Disney, Raglan Road has really good food.