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Jul 10, 2012 09:19 PM

Have you ever belonged to a food-related "[blank] of the month" club?

If so, what was your experience like?

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  1. A friend of mine, was always "gifted" by his Grandmother, some version of fruit of the month. He always got too much and had to "gift" it off to co-workers and such. He felt it was a burden,

    1. Belonged to a Wine of the Month club for a couple of years. The wines, which were Italian, tended to be good and obscure, and the price was not exhorbitant. Unfortunately, there were frequent shipping delays and this ultimately caused us to drop our subscription.

      1. I use Foodzie, which for $30 (inclusive of shipping) a month gives you the option of three themed food baskets. It's pretty great, and I've found some wonderful items. I also think it's fairly worth the money (like one month, there was a bag of Rancho Gordo beans, which retail at nine dollars at the market across the street). They notified us that they've been purchased, so not sure if their program will continue, but they did boxes for the month of July, so here's hoping.

        1. My sister signed me up for a jerkey of the month club for my b-day one year - I LOVED it!

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            In a fit of pique, my wife nominated me for the Jerk of the Month Club. :)

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              Geeze! I hope my wife doesn't hear about this. If she does, you'd have to settle for Miss Congeniality.

          2. For the past 3 Christmases I've gifted my parents with "Burger's Smokehouse" food-of-the-month club. I believe they only offer it around the holidays. Obviously, since I've repeated the gift, they've loved it!! And Burger's quality has been excellent as far as what I've ordered from them for myself. The key is to stick with what they do best - smoked meats & poultry.

            I usually order them the 7-month plan (which arrives every other month, which is nice). This past Xmas, the repasts include:

            DECEMBER – Two 8-oz. Dinner Smoked Pork Chops
            FEBRUARY – One Honey-Roasted Chicken
            MARCH – One pound Country Bacon
            MAY – Two 6-oz. cooked Tenderlean Country Ham Steaks
            JUNE – Two slabs Signature Sauced Baby Back Ribs
            OCTOBER – Half 3-1/4 to 4-1/4-lb. Boneless Special Sliced City Ham
            NOVEMBER – Boneless Special Sliced Turkey Breast

            And since I'm on Burger's e-mail list & they frequently have special sales, I fill in the non-gift months with other stuff. (Parents are elderly, & these "heat & eat" items are especially convenient for them.)

            Burger's is a good company. Neither I nor my parents have every been disappointed. In fact, their Half Smoked Turkey has graced our Easter dinner table more than once.

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                Well, here's a link to their website, but like I said, they don't appear to offer the monthly gift plans except around the holidays.


                1. re: Bacardi1


                  ...they don't appear to offer the monthly gift plans except around the holidays...

                  But it's fun to window shop, and I bookmarked the site so I remember to check back.