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Jul 10, 2012 07:39 PM

Elderflower Cordial

A recipe I was reading earlier today called for Elderflower Cordial. Is this available in Toronto? And if so, what would be the likely price range price range?

Anyway, thanks ahead for any information anybody has. I don't think it's an essential ingredient in the gooseberry crumble I'm planning to make over the weekend but I can see it would probably add an interesting extra flavour to the dish.

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  1. You can probably get it other places, but I know you can get it at IKEA:

    1. Starsky and Brandt's outlet in Mississauga.

      1. You can sometimes find the "Bottle Green" brand at Loblaws and other chain grocery stores

        1. I'm wondering if the recipe might be for elderflower liqueur, in which case St-Germain would fit the bill. The LCBO stocks it:

          I've had some amazing cocktails made with St-Germain.

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            I'm disinclined to think that St. Germain would work as a substitute for Elderflower cordial in a baking recipe for a few reasons. It's great for cocktails as you suggest but it's not the same thing.

            1. re: bytepusher

              Since "cordial" can refer to an alcoholic, liqueur-type drink or a non-alcoholic beverage, how is one to know? Liqueurs (Grand Marnier, to name just one) are often used in baking. And I would think that it could lend a bit of interesting flavour to a gooseberry crumble.

              1. re: Tatai

                Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. My quest ended sucessfully but not in a manner I could have forseen.

                Last night I was out for dinner at a very pleasant and interesting new restaurant called "Edulis" - it used to be the Niagara Street Cafe. I noticed that one of the cocktails contained elderflower cordial. I asked the front of house, wife of chef and co-owner where she got it and she said made it herself. I asked her whether she could spare a little for my gooseberry crumble. Although reluctant at first as their own supplies were quite low, she gracefully gave me a small jar of it on my way out. So that's what's going into my gooseberry crumble later today.

          2. I've bought elderflower cordial at Ikea and recently made a batch from foraged elderflowers. I now have a couple of litres of it in my freezer. It made a very interesting iced tea and I've used it in cocktails. Adds an interesting complexity to drinks. I'm sure it would be great in a crumble!