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Jul 10, 2012 07:37 PM

Midwood/Ditmas Part - central Asian, middle eastern, and other recs on Coney Island Ave from Ave. J to Cortelyou and thereabouts?

I have a friend in Midwood near Ave. H and Coney Island. Every time I am out there, I see all manner of intensity in the way of (what appears to me to be) central Asian and middle eastern restaurants, bakeries, snack shops, etc. I need some help navigating all of this. Not interested in the hipster fare up on Cortelyou or DiFara's - I want the kebabs and plov and everything fragant and amazing that perfumes the streets I traverse in the area bounded by Ave J on the south, Cortelyou on the north, Ocean Ave. on the east, and Ocean Pkwy on the west. I'm open to expanding this area for something special.

Does anyone have any insight? Guidance for a neophyte?

Any help would be much appreciated

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    1. It's not Central Asian, but at the northern end of your zone (and a bit beyond) is a busy Pakistani/Bangladeshi enclave with plenty to eat and nary a hipster in sight ...

      1. There are tons of Pakistani halal places up and down Coney Island Avenue. Pakiza just north of Foster always seems to be busy.

        There also used to be an Afghani place called Bahar right around there but it recently re-branded itself as a "Chinese Halal" restaurant.

        Also, even though it is on hipster-ish Cortelyou, Cafe Tibet right above the Cortelyou Road station has great Tibetan food.

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          I think I remember seeing a Afghani place on McDonald ave recently

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            There seem to be a few Chinese Halal opening up in neighborhoods where Moslem populations are increasing/prevalent. I walked into a brand-new one by Jackson Heights recently, and as opposed to what I was hoping it was (mainland Chinese Muslim food), it is actually just Americanized Chinese dishes made halal. Have you tried the one you mentioned?

          2. I loved Cafe Sim Sim on ditmas ave


            Haven't gone back in a while. But I remember especially enjoying the mushroom appetizer..

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              Cafe Sim Sim is actually Russian styled middle eastern and it was TERRIBLE when I wen t there a few months ago. The kebabs smelled good but actually tasted very gamey and were probably very old. I also got some sort of patty there and it was so greasy I could wring it out. They forgot half of my stuff and after going back once I decided not to go back for the bread even though i paid $3 for it! I would stay away from this horrible place.

            2. You should try Schnitzi's. It's on Coney Island Ave, btwn I and J (closer to J). They sell a variety of schnitzels and a ton of sauces. Their Schnitzi fries are delicious.