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Jul 10, 2012 07:02 PM

This Sunday! Need (seafood) restaurant

We had reservations at Ai Fiori but since our out of town friends are staying at the Setai, they want to go elsewhere....but where? Sunday, early-ish, for 4.

We are leaning toward seafood, ideally in the midtown area. Milos is one of our friends' favorites. The one thing I'm not interested in is Italian.

I know, last minute, but suggestions welcome.

We love Mas, le Bernadin, Annisa. Has anyone heard anything about Crave Fishbar?


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  1. Our favorite seafood restaurant is Oceana. OpenTable shows no difficulty getting an early reservation this Sunday.

    Btw, too bad your friends don't want to go to Ai Fiori. It's terrific.