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Where to lunch in southern Maine with Great Grandma?

MaineAppetite Jul 10, 2012 06:00 PM

We are a group of seven, ages 2 - 85, who will be meeting in the Wells/Oguquit/Kennebunk area for lunch on Thursday. We plan to spend the day together in southern Maine, then some will head back to NH while others journey on to the Midcoast area of Maine, where we know the many great eating spots. Here's our wish -- a place for a relaxing lunch, nice view, maybe even a lawn for the two-year-old to run around on with a rocking chair for great-grandmother (recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, alas -- this may be her last trip to Maine). Ocean ambiance -- necessary; good (but it doesn't have to be great) food -- necessary. Can you help with suggestions? We just don't know this area (in fact, usually avoid it like the plague).

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    jackattack RE: MaineAppetite Jul 10, 2012 07:48 PM

    This place came to mind until I got to the "ocean ambiance necessary" part.


    Hmmm.... At Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, there is a litte cafe called Chowders that has an almost-private little outdoor deck...so small that you'd probably have to call ahead and try to reserve it for your group. 207 646 2535

    1. m
      Mainegal RE: MaineAppetite Jul 11, 2012 04:22 AM

      the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport serves lunch on its Ocean Terrace daily. Probably pricey, but it hits on every other note. You might also check some of the other big hotels, including the Nonantum (river view, K'port) and The Cliff House (Ogunquit). There are some options in Perkins Cove, but I don't think any would qualify as relaxing for a lunch during peak season.

      1. o
        OgtMimi RE: MaineAppetite Jul 11, 2012 04:29 AM

        I'm not sure if they serve lunch, but the Colony Hotel or the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport might meet your needs.

        I'm sorry, though, that you avoid our area like the plague. Even though it can be a little hectic in the summer, it is quite lovely and a great place to live year-round.

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          MaineAppetite RE: OgtMimi Jul 11, 2012 04:36 AM

          OgtMimi -- Sorry for my rudeness. I should have been more clear: it's the summer traffic we avoid. We have the same problem in our neck of the woods, but we know all the ways to get around Route One here (except for getting through Wiscasset). Thanks for your response in spite of my insensitivity!

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            OgtMimi RE: MaineAppetite Jul 11, 2012 04:49 AM

            No offense taken, MaineAppetite!. We put up with the traffic for 2 months out of the year and let out a huge sigh of relief come Labor Day. Do post back and let us know where you decide to go for your special lunch. I had not seen Mainegal's reply when I posted, but I'm glad she confrimed that the Colony serves lunch.

            1. re: OgtMimi
              MaineAppetite RE: OgtMimi Jul 11, 2012 06:12 AM

              We're now actually thinking of lunch at The Tides Beach Club. Have you eaten there? http://www.tidesbeachclubmaine.com/wi...

              1. re: MaineAppetite
                OgtMimi RE: MaineAppetite Jul 11, 2012 06:53 AM

                Sorry -- I haven't, but the website looks interesting -- looks like a beautiful location and the food pictures look great. Might need to investigate...

                1. re: MaineAppetite
                  Mainegal RE: MaineAppetite Jul 11, 2012 04:16 PM

                  THat's a good choice, too. Kids can run on the beach, and there are rockers on the porch.

          2. m
            MaineAppetite RE: MaineAppetite Jul 12, 2012 05:56 AM

            Thanks for the suggestions, everybody. We're looking forward to a great day. I'll let you know how we fare.

            1. m
              MaineAppetite RE: MaineAppetite Jul 13, 2012 04:31 AM

              For a lovely lunch in a perfect spot on a sunny day, I heartily recommend the porch restaurant at the Tides Beach House. The Tides is across the street from Goose Rocks Beach, with a colorful view of the garden in the foreground, beach umbrellas and dune grass in the middle, and the Caribbean blue of the ocean in the distance. The food was excellent and the service was outstanding. It's pricey but worth it. We had lobster rolls, fried clams, mussels, seared tuna, and fish and chips, along with various salads -- all done simply and honestly, but each with a special twist. Even the fries were unique. After lunch, you can sit in a comfy rocking chair on the porch or head to the beach.

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