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Pick one!

I'm in town for one dinner, with a friend, next week--I am feeling eclectic in my choices, but they all look good. Jungsik might be a little too stuffy (the dining room looks like that, but maybe I am wrong), Back Forty West maybe a little too lowdown. Which would you pick and why?

Fatty 'Cue
Empellon Cocina
Kyo Ya
Back Forty West

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  1. Your choice will be somewhat determined by where you can get a reservation.

    e.g. The NoMad; ACME. Kyo Ya will prove challenging. I love The NoMad; ACME right now.

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      You're right about NoMad. Sadly, I was looking at Open Table, was shocked to see lots of availability, and then realized I had picked the wrong Nomad. Oh well. Anyway, there are still other options.

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        If you really want to try NoMad you should also try calling them.

    2. i'll make it harder by adding more choices:

      -- 15 East
      -- Scarpetta
      -- Osteria Morini
      -- St Anselm
      -- Tertulia

      1. Of your picks, i would try either Kyo ya or Jungsik. ( Jung Sik isn't really stuffy, just ignore the stuffy people that might be there.

        Of Simon;s more difficult picks I would choose 15 East and Osteria Morini.

        Or maybe try picking from this list:
        Blue Ribbon
        Al Fiori

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              I've had my best meals at Jungsik. Here's the link to my report: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/815513

          1. OK, thanks all. I am booked at Jungsik, which had wide-open availability, to my surprise. I might still give NoMad a call just to see if they have anything, but OpenTable is saying that they have nothing within 2.5 hours of my requested time (and I am not a person that can sit down to dinner at 10 PM!)

            1. I'd pick ACME for having the best fun/good food ratio. But you won't be able to get in.

              I'm loving Empellon Cocina these days for sheer deliciousness. Also lots of fun.

              I wouldn't bother with Back Forty West if I only had one dinner in town.

              1. To report back: we did eat at Jungsik and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Rather than doing the tasting menu, which had a couple of items that neither of us wanted, we got 2 different dishes (the small sizes) from each category and split each one. So we ended up with our own little tasting menu anyway.

                The sad thing is that I fully expect the place to be out of business within 6 months, unless some drastic action is taken on marketing/positioning (or perhaps pricing). We arrived for dinner at 7 PM and were one of only two occupied tables in the restaurant. By the time we left at 9:45, there were perhaps three other tables filled. I just get the feeling that people think this place is Korean, see the prices on their website, and run the other way.

                1. I would pick Jung Sik , which i don't find stuff at all. Some of the clientel might be stuffy ,,but i ignore them ,, I go there with an unstuffy attitude ,,and i stuff myself,,that's the stuffy part.
                  Kyo Ya : love the place
                  I don't like Fatty cue or Empellon,,,I've never been to Nomad or Black forty west ,,, Acme i'm not sure if it's the same ol' Acme around lafayette st.

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                    foodwhisperer, Acme around Lafayette isn't the same ol' Acme. it's totally different, other than the address, name and sign.

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                      Thanks, I assumed it was same old place,,, I guess it is time I went back.