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Jul 10, 2012 05:21 PM

Dining in Argentina

My fiance and I will be taking our honeymoon in Argentina - we'll be in Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Iguazu for two weeks. Aside from our dinner at Francis Mallman's restaurant in Mendoza, we don't have any other meals planned for the trip.

My fiance's family is from Argentina so he does know his way around BA a little, but if anyone's had an amazing meal in any of those places, I'd love to hear about it. We are open to anything really - if you've had an amazing fine dining experience, or had a great time at a total hole in the wall - we are up for anything. We'd love to hear your suggestions!

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    1. Just got this link via email, sounds pretty interesting:

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        I am sorry to say that overall, over the past couple of years, the food quality has plummeted in Buenos Aires, especially the meats in many parrillas (as the beef supply is over 60% feedlot now). That said, the most interesting and possibly best meal I've had in the past couple of years has been at El Baqueano in San Telmo. A wonderful and very interesting tasting menu.

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          I definitely agree with the recommendation for El Baqueano. I've been there close to 10 times now and it is always on its game, with a lot of inventive dishes with exotic meats.

          Along the same lines, check out Paraje Arevalo for an amazing tasting menu with great wine pairings. They offer a 6, 8, or 10 course option. Note that you'll get very very drunk by the end if you go with the 10 course!

      2. Congrats! My favorite chef in BsAs (he had a closed door restaurant here called Casa Mun) has opened a new restaurant in Mendoza at a winery -- Asian/California/Argentine fusion is his website: sushi is the best in Argentina!

        1. When we were in Buenos Aires we made the Rodi Bar our local place. It is not fancy but it is a wonderful little neighborhood place. La Chicrita (I think that's the name) opposite the Recoleta Cemetery is also very good.

          1. It has been almost four years since I was in Buenos Aires, but I very much enjoyed dinners at Casa Cruz, Guido's Bar and the restaurant in the La Faena hotel. Hopefully they remain solid choices!