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Jul 10, 2012 05:08 PM

MasterChef - Week of July 9 (spoilers)

I was going to wait for Worldwide Diner to start the thread, but I can't wait anymore.

Finally, Tali is gone!!! I don't have to watch his delusional talking-head comments anymore.

Gordon: It's Master Chef, not Master-bate!


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  1. "Christine, do not start feeling your box"

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    1. re: hal2010

      LOL - I didn't catch that while watching the show tonight.

      I was slacking - didn't watch the show last night, so feel free to start a new weekly thread.

      I've never had sea urchin risotto before but I've had plenty of sea urchin pasta. To me, the sauce should look almost orange, otherwise there wouldn't be sufficient sea urchin flavor. The sauces I saw were mostly beige, not orange. And Monti's pasta had way too much crap in there - I've never seen sea urchin pasta served with greens.

      And what's the pasta that Joe said Josh prepared? and how is that different from linguine or tagliatelle?

      I'm glad that Frank did something outside the box with his catfish. Serving a filet of pan-fried fish is pretty boring - so I don't really care about Becky's monkfish or Monti's John Dory.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        Joe repeated the pasta ten times and still no one knows what the heck he was saying. It had a lot of vowels, I remember.

    2. Posted this on last week's thread, but I'll repost here:

      WICKED tired of Tali's "I don't understand why these judges cannot see my genius?" Seriously, Tali? You are talking about two judges who are *real* master chefs and a restaurateur with many restaurants under his belt, and you're saying they cannot see your genius? Oy. If you were a culinary genius? You'd be in your own restaurant right now. Was SO glad to see him gone.

      And while she's producing consistently good dishes (and handled that sea urchin like a pro), I'm really tired of Becky constantly putting everyone else down.

      I knew Christine wouldn't be going home, even though she was bottom 3. David and Tali both made dishes WAY worse than hers. Figured it could have gone either way, but Tali using a sous vide prep on Arctic Char? Oy.

      Oh - and one final note. Joe Bastianich. He gets all over Josh's ass about how to properly pronounce the type of pasta he made (I think he was saying "tagliarini"?) was obnoxious. It would have been the perfect time for someone to say "Hey Joe? It's pronounced ES-presso - not EX-presso."

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        Random thoughts -

        It seemed like Tali was becoming more and more delusional as the show went on!!! - Even though he has done poorly throughout! Yikes.
        Yeah, I was hoping he'd be gone. Yay.

        Monti said something that cracked me up, but I cant remember what it was.

        I don't like Becky at all.

        Still think Graham Elliot is a cutie.

        Christines salmon really did look hideous. The coating looked dry and the fish was way overdone.
        I had seen a thread yesterday before I watched the show about GR making her cry...I thought he was going to be brutal, but he wasnt - if anything, he was saying how good she is, and this dish was really disappointing. I think Christine made herself cry because she knew it was a poor dish.

        "Oh - and one final note. Joe Bastianich. He gets all over Josh's ass about how to properly pronounce the type of pasta he made (I think he was saying "tagliarini"?) was obnoxious. It would have been the perfect time for someone to say "Hey Joe? It's pronounced ES-presso - not EX-presso."

        1. re: NellyNel

          I truly wish that someone had done so. He's pulled out the pronunciation thing before on MC, and it irks me because of his pronunciation of "espresso".

          1. re: chefhound

            LOL! He's *so* right with this statement: "This was the first time I watched the content of the confessionals. Gordon was interrupting your creative genius? Too bad he didn't have nerve to voice this directly – it would have been priceless, let me assure you."

            In addition, it looks like he doesn't know how to spell Chef Ramsay's last name - he wrote "Ramsey".

            And looky-there! Joe has a Twitter account - THIS would be the only reason for me to sign up for Twitter - to correct HIM on the spelling of Chef Ramsay's last name, AND the pronunciation of "espresso".

            ::::smiling sweetly::::

            1. re: LindaWhit

              Graham is the only one of the three who will follow you back on Twitter and seems to engage somewhat. If you do sign up, let me warn you that following the cooks (as their aprons suggest you should) is a terrible idea. They do go on.

              1. re: ennuisans

                I have absolutely NO desire to start Tweeting. I would, however, like to give Joe a piece or two of my grammatical mind regarding "expresso" when he's so smug about the pronunciation of tagliarini. :-)

              2. re: LindaWhit

                I suspect it might not be Joe who writes his blog posts; maybe a staffer. I haven't read anything written by him other than various excerpts from his book Restaurant Man but the post does not seem to be in his voice.

          2. And I started giggling when Ramsay said the "Master Bate" comment to Tali. That was perfectly brilliant, because that's exactly what Tali seems to have been doing the entire show. :-)

            1. Only one episode this week? I got no MC or HK love for tonight on the TiVo.

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              1. re: ennuisans

                All Star Game was on last night on Fox.

              2. I think Gordo was making a clever pun, spelling it Master Bait, as they had the urchin. My favourite bit was when Tali was explaining to (either Gordon or Graham) what sous vide was, like they did not know....