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Jul 10, 2012 03:46 PM

Best Dining in Savannah

I have a friend who is traveling to Savannah and looking for some suggestions on where to eat. The only option on her list right now is The Lady & Sons. Any better suggestions?

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  1. I've never eaten at the Lady & Sons, have intended to but didn't want to bad enough to stand on the sidewalk for an hour waiting to get in.

    There are plenty of more upscale type places to go to. Lots of threads here on Savannah but if you can give specifics on what she is looking for I will be glad to repeat myself.

    1. Suggest posting on savannah board. To me though I love Pink House for dinner and Hueys for brkfst/lunch

      1. I have been to the Lady and Sons a few times and I would completely skip it if I were you. It is very average tasting food and definitely not worth the long wait to get in.

        1. Do a search on the "Southeast" Board...there are dozens of posts about Savannah, such as:

          1. I would not eat at Lady and Sons. They have fallen under the spell the media machine has made them. They have lost a great deal of what made them unique and original and I wouldn't waste my money or my time spending in line. Mrs. Wilkes is the real deal and IS worth waiting in line. If she's looking for something other than good ol' country comfort food, there are tons of other places she can go for cultural experiences or lighter fare as well. Noble fare, Goosefeathers, b. matthews, Papillote, Brasserie, Leoci's, Sapphire Grill- just to name a few. Most of these places have menus online you can check out and reviews as well. Urbanspoon Savannah is another good site to check as well. ~CG