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Jul 10, 2012 02:54 PM

Ai Fiori tonight - has anyone been recently?

Hello everyone,

I'm going to Ai Fiori tonight and am wondering if anyone has had some of the more recent additions to the menu. I'm pretty set on getting the trofie nero, but beyond that, don't have any strong leanings. I was interested in knowing if anyone has recommendations for anything I shouldn't miss. I'm a huge fan of the pastas at Marea and am very much looking forward to finally trying AF!

Can anyone give me feedback on the spaghetti with blue crab and bottarga as well as the corzetti with lobster ragu? I have to say I'm mightily disappointed that the sweetbread starter has been taken off the menu...

On a (slightly) different topic, has anyone been recently to Osteria Morini? Any standouts there? I'm on a bit of a Michael White pasta kick right now and want to complete the trio now. :)

Thanks again in advance!

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  1. Good news! The Sweetbreads are back on the menu! And if you're looking to fulfill that pasta craving, try the Raviolo! Delicious! Also - you should check out Osteria Morini on Monday night's. They have a $10 pasta special after 9pm - take a group of friends and work your way through all the pastas!! Enjoy Ai Fiori tonight :)

    1. Jess,

      I wish I had seen your post earlier as this may very well be too late. We had dinner at Ai Fiori at the beginning of June with Mr. R.'s brother and sister-in-law. Everything we had was incredibly delicious. Service couldn't have been more attentive, and we have always loved the ambiance.

      The photo set of our June dinner at Ai Fiori can be seen here:

      I hope you have a wonderful evening.

      1. Thank you, pmcavoy and RGR!

        We had a lovely, late dinner at Ai Fiori last night. Our server couldn't have been more kind, friendly, or accommodating. Given the late hour and some snacking beforehand, we didn't get any mains or appetizers and just split three pastas.

        We got the trofie nero, agnolotti, and spaghetti. They were all wonderful. We both enjoyed the trofie the most. What Michael White manages to do with pasta is a real miracle. The agnolotti and spaghetti were also superb, but I think I personally prefer (slightly) the pastas at Marea. We also got the budino di cioccolato and the crostata, both of which were just lovely.

        We will certainly be at Osteria Morini very soon to complete the trio! Now with Nicoletta, I guess we have one more to check off.

        Thank you both for your help!! Beautiful pictures as always, RGR. :)