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Jul 10, 2012 02:23 PM

Birthday Dinner near the Eiffel Tower

I am looking for an excellent mid-range restaurant close to the Eiffel Tower. I am hoping to have an excellent dinner with wine and then take a cruise along the Seine. This if for my husband's birthday so I want this to be incredibly special. I am open to all suggestions.

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  1. Not sure what "excellent mid-range" means but the Shangri-la hotel came to my mind. From walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, beautiful place and decorum, perfectly suits any incredibly special events. It is a 5 stars hotel but they have 3 different restaurants with different pricings...

    1. You might want to just consider one of the dinner cruises like Bateau Parisiens.

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        Thanks for the reply by everything I have read has told me to not bother wasting my money on the cruise for dinner. Everyone seems to suggest finding a great restaurant and spending your money on quality of food.

      2. Two that come to mind that are walking distance to the Eiffel Tower are Il Vino d'Enrico Bernardo, one star, on La Tour Maubourg. At this one you pick your wine and they bring food that the chef judges to be a good match (but they so ask if there are any foods you want excluded from what might come out of the kitchen). Enrico Bernardo was sommelier of the world a few years back so that explains the focus on wine. You mention you want wine and something special, this qualifies for sure.

        Another is Violon d'Ingres, one star, on St Dominique. This one has been around for a while now, is very professionally run, consistently produces quite good food, nice room, not overly formal. If you are familiar with New York, Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne would be a good comparison.

        At either of these plan on maybe 100 - 120e per person all in, depending on how much you want to spend on wines, am guessing this is what you consider mid range. Three courses at Violon will run about 60e, wines start around 40e a bottle, plus coffee and water. At Vino they have a fixed dinner menu for about 100e that consists of wines plus matching foods. As i recall they have two or three such menus at different price points differentiated by the quality of the wines you get, with about 100e being the intro level.

        Not sure if you have been to Paris before but keep in mind you will not likely get a reservation before 1930 or so, then at one of these places plan on a 2 hour or more dinner, so check the boat schedules and allow for travel time to get to the place where you catch the boat. You may well find it a push to work both in on the same night.

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          Thank you so much for your informative response. I have checked them both out and both sound fantastic. Have you been to either of these and if you have, which one would you choose? I am thinking Ill Vino.

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            yes have been to both, Violon a bunch of times, Il Vino once. For something such as a birthday dinner, especially if you like interresting wines would pick Vino.

            An excellent traditional restaurant in that area, on La Motte Picquet, is Auberge Bressane. They serve more rustic but very nicely done foods typical of Bourgogne (Burgundy), a good choice too but not as polished as the other two i have noted, much more casual, like eating at a country inn (which is the definition of an auberge).


          Hands down....Au Bon Accuel! One of my, and Ina Gartens, favorites!

          1. Although I stubbornly resisted going there on the assumption that its proximity to the Tour d'Eiffel would make it an unworthy place for us locals, I am a recent convert to Antoine on the quai New York in the 16th... had a sensational meal there a few weeks ago. Primarily fish but there are one or two carnivore items on the menu. It'll probably run about 100 to 150 € with wine. And just a 5-min stroll across the Pont d'Iéna to the Bateaux Parisiens on the Port Bourdonnais next to the Eiffel Tower or a 10-minute walk upriver to the (better) Bateaux Mouches at the Pont d'Alma.