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Jul 10, 2012 02:21 PM

Food-Filled Fun Getaway in Portland?

Looking to possibly take my GF to Portland for a weekend. Looking for a B&B suggestion and possible foodie-related activities that might be recommended. It is also worth noting that she has a wheat allergy.



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  1. B&Bs: The Danforth opened Carmen at the Danforth, a restaurant with celebrity chef Carmen Gonzalez, this spring; the innkeeper at the Pomegranate wrote The Art of Breakfast cookbook.

    Activities (as opposed to restaurant recommendations): Portland Farmers' Market, Maine Foodie Tours.

    1. A drive out to Cape Elizabeth is always

      And though they don't like us talking about lodging on Chowhound, consider the Morrill Mansion.

      1. I second the recommendation for the foodie tour. We went on the one that goes around the Old Port Area (walking). You'll finish in time for a late lunch and Duckfat is within walking distance of the last stop on the tour (the brewery).

        We liked the mailboat cruise. A friend raves about Peak's Island. Perhaps someone can recommend a lunch place there. If you get on the early cruise, it will have you back in Portland in time for lunch.

        On the way up I would stop in York for some saltwater taffy from the Goldenrod.

        On the way home, you can stop at Stonewall Kitchens on Rt 1 in or near Kittery to sample some of their wares and pick up some things for home.

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          Lunch at The Inn on Peak's Island is nice. Off the ferry, walk straight and it will be to your right.