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Jul 10, 2012 02:18 PM

Southern Spain

Dear Fellow Travelers,

A group of four of us went to Spain last year for 10 days. Because of time constraints we stayed in the northern half. We loved it and have decided to go back again but this time concentrate on the southern part of the country. Other than Madrid where we'll land and the Costa del Sol, we have no plans. Please chime in! Let us know where we should visit, eat and do. We're open to anything, but food and wine are our priorities.

By the way if there's something we shold avoid, please let us know. We'd appreciate any advice.


Los Quatros Glotones.

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  1. Drive south through La Mancha and stop at Almagro. Sit outside a bar in the (strangely Shakespearean) square in the evening and with each drink you will get a different tapa - if you want more, you can do this, but you will pay for anything above the one drink one tapa rule. I loved it - free tapas, but much better than the Madrid crisps and olives.

    I remember the main route through to Andalucia from there was great - there was one spot where it felt like you were entering a different land from flatness to mountains.

    We went via Cordoba, Seville and Cadiz, but it was so many years ago my recommendations are way out of date. But another good place for tapas is the Jaen province.

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      +1 on Almagro.Lovely town,beautiful Parador. Fun little bar one block away called Agora.