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Jun 2, 2004 07:47 AM

Anyone remember Porky's Pit in Loomis?

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As a small kid in the early 60s, I'd sometimes be taken to Porky's Pit, a funky barbecue in Loomis, between Roseville and Auburn. Internet searches have failed to turn up this place, so likely it is long gone.

Does anyone recall this place? If it is long closed, does anyone remember when it shut down?


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    Ann Vuletich

    How funny! I too remember Porky's Pit, being taken there when I was 4 or 5 which would have been in the mid 60's. I think it's been closed for a long time though. My mother just told me that she thinks it was in Rocklin, which is also between Roseville and Auburn, on Pacific Street which runs through Loomis. She thought that the people who owned it were builders, for what that's worth.

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    1. re: Ann Vuletich
      Bryan Harrell

      Thanks for the remembrance. I think it was between Rocklin and Loomis on the old highway paved with cement. That's what I remember. And it must have been builders, because I remember rambling construction add-ons to the building.

      I also remember huge hunks of soft pork and sweet sauce getting all over my face and hands and shirt.
      My mother would have a towel to wipe us all off before we got back into our 1961 Valiant station wagon.
      I would love to hear that it still exists in some form, or maybe some place like it.

      You may also remember Old MacDonald's Farm out on Jackson Road?

      1. re: Bryan Harrell
        Ann Vuletich

        Your memory is better than mine as I can't recall anything at all about the food, just the name of the restaurant. I couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 at the time. Our station wagon was a 1964 Ford, which we probably also drove to the restaurant as it was the first new car that my parents purchased. Unfortunatley I don't think that Porky's Pit does exist anymore. That particular stretch of highway, Taylor Road between Rocklin and Loomis, which has never been very appealing, is particularly unattractive now.

        I don't remember the place on Jackson Road you're talking aobut. I do remember a place in Sacramento, I think it was on Fulton Avenue, called the Old Red Barn but again I recall nothing about the food, just that before I barely had a memory, my family ate there.

        Did you live in Rocklin or Loomis by any chance during this period? Both were very small towns (Loomis actually still is). And if not, how did you happen upon Porky's Pit?

        1. re: Ann Vuletich
          Bryan Harrell

          I just vaguely remember the food at Porky's Pit, but enough to know it was kid-friendly and belly swelling. Yes -- the name, so hard to forget.

          Old MacDonald's farm was a rambling farmhouse family restaurant with what would be called today a petting zoo out front. They had goats and lambs and, gosh, chickens running around out front. No recollection of the food.

          Yes, Ken's Red Barn on Fulton, that was a landmark. A friend of mine in high school worked there. In later years (the 70s) it was primarily a bar where people drank and drank, with most of the restaurant customers gone to newer places.

          We lived in Del Paso Heights until I was seven, then moved to Fair Oaks. Porky's Pit was a rare excursion, but a memorable one. Actually, as I recall, most people rarely ate out back then.

          All this nostalgia is making me hungry for 1960s California Cantonese food.

          1. re: Bryan Harrell

            Chop Suey and that kinda thing? We used to go the place on Auburn Blvd that was next to the paint store. Where the African arts (At Watt)store is now. Had the marble tables and the dividers. Takes me back.

            1. re: bennyboy

              There's a place on Fruitridge at 24th called Asia Cafe. Painted along the top of the decrepit building in giant letters: CHOP SUEY. Never been inside, nor even close enough to see the menu. But it looks like the kind of place that might still serve that kind of stuff.

            2. re: Bryan Harrell
              Ann Vuletich

              Makes me nostalgic too, and makes me think about the Coral Reef although I don't think that was really Cantonese but some strange mix of Chinese, Polynesian, who knows what else. I just remember that in the 60's and early 70's everyone in my own and my extended family thought that they served the most exotic and delicious food that we had ever eaten. Duck in some kind of orange sauce and rolled in nuts is the main thing that I remember. What I wouldn't give for an old menu from that restuarant. Anyone have one?

              1. re: Ann Vuletich
                Bryan Harell

                Gawd, what was it, Malevile's Coral Reef, as the formal name.
                The seminal Tiki Bar, full fledged out into a restaurant.
                The 60s in the North Area (of Sacramento) were indeed a time when, for an instant, Sacramento imitated LA.
                My father was an electrician who worked on Country Club Center (still there?) in 1954 and was astonished at the huge parking lot. "They'll NEVER fill that parking lot," he exclaimed. Now, CCC's parking lot must look dinky.

                But Sacramento hounds, are there any places that have been continuously open since the 60s? I do miss Sam's Hof Brau and their free pickles. THey are likely gone, right? Anything still open besides Frank Fat's?


                1. re: Bryan Harell

                  Sam's Hof Brau, by Tower, is still there.

                  1. re: Lee Hinde

                    The Hof Brau is still there on Watt ave. however I remember several years ago that Denny's bought out the Sam's Hof Braus and then resold them. That one is now called Plaza Hof Brau and has been for the past 19 years however all the locals still call it Sam's and it still serves the Hof Brau style food.


              2. re: Ann Vuletich

                Kens Red Barn on Fulton. I remember that one a lot. great big huge steaks and western murals on the walls. the first time I had icer cream freeze I had in there.

                And Old McDonald's I remember, too. The sign is still there and everytime I look down the road and remember the chicken dinners there.

                Of all my old faves I miss Paul's Boarding House the most. In Ione. Boarding house style. ham fried chicken, ravioli, salad and soup. And those great lemon merangue pies.

          2. Hey there fellow Chowhounds, now you've gone and done have made me nostalgic for the sixties in Sac. also. I have a real test for all of you. Oh and by the way Ken's Red Barn was on Monroe (off shoot of Fulton) and Fair Oaks blvd. burned partially years ago and then was revived as a few different places one of them was "The Mine Shaft" wow quite a party place!!!!!! In fact I think I still have a hangover from there.

            O.K. now for the challenge Does anybody remember Capone's???? It was a Chicago Style Pizza restaurant on Fulton ave. about where Alta Arden is now and you had to enter through a (fake) phone booth (ala Maxwell Smart)???? Well do ya????


            P.S. Remember "Gourmet Lanes" at Country Club Plaza it was down on the southern most end of the mall, it had fresh crab and lobster in a tank and you could pick your own. And at the grocery next door each aisle had a large electronic locater board and if you pushed the button next to an item it would tell you what aisle it was on.

            Oh to be young and in Sacto. again the Sixties were really somethin' weren't they Beav', yeah Wally they really were.


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            1. re: Cary W.

              Gourmet lanes. I remember that. Loved it. Then we had FOOD CIRCUS at Arden fair and that was a great place. Cook you own steak,,,Loved the broasted chicken and the candy store which is now Snooks in Folsom..

              I remember Capones, had the car on top. Don't remember much else but that car on the building stuck with me. that whole area in the early to mid sixties was the place to go. LaSuers (now the Buggy Whip) was there, the hamburger place at Fulton and Marconi, the Palomino room... And let's not forget the Coral Reef. Or Okie Frijole!

              But mostly< i long for Sam's Ranch Wagon or Rancho Villa. The best. Buffet but with FINE Food. prime Rib. Servers serving you at the buffet and waiters to serve you at the table. I loved the pickles there for some reason...

              Buggy Whip Restaurant
              2737 Fulton Ave Ste 208, Sacramento, CA 95821

              652 E 6th St Ste A, Beaumont, CA 92223

              1. re: bennyboy1

                I remember Capone's very well and have been searching the web for anyone else how recalls it. They served some of the best Pizza and steamed clams that could be found. I was stationed at McClellan AFB in the 60's and flying on the Radar Connies and the crews would spend many off duty hours there drinking the draft beer, eating the pizza and clams and singing along with the the banjo band. What wonderful memories! After a long flight many of us would go to Sam's Hof Brau for coffee and cheese cake and for a woderful Prime Rib dinner just go to Sam's on Fruitridge if I remember. What a wonderful time in my life!

                1. re: rogercburton

                  Capone's would hire local college girls to challenge the local college boys to beer chugging contests. Never, ever saw the boys beat these girls. The girls could slam down the entire mug in one gulp. Still haven't figured it out how they did it.

            2. Porky's Pit was in Rocklin and it was on Pacific which becomes Taylor Road as it goes through Loomis. It is still there but has been under many different names since and is now pretty much a sports bar. After Porky's it became El Jardin. It had been owner by Sy and Loren and Sy has been long gone but Loren Thorsen who has owned a number of bars and restaurants is still here with us. His last place he owned was in Penryn and it is widely known and just closed down, this time, perhaps for good. That is the Valencia Club and old roadside tavern or roadhouse saloon. That recently made the news when a homeless guy got into the place and reopened for business and has quite a number of days that week selling beer and liquor from the bar.

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              1. re: Mickeyblue

                Th eone and only time I ever saw my parents dance was at the Valencia Club. We used to go there all the time back in the 70's. family style food, great steaks..

              2. OK, Sac fans, here's one for you; located at 47th Avenue, and Stocton Blvd, there was a "Flim Flam" chicken restaurant (best chicken on the planet) in the 50's and 60's..had an old west motiff...Can't remember the name...owner sold the recipe, and closed the restaurant as I remember...Ken's Red Barn..what steaks !! Mike Burt, of McClatchy , class of 63 worked there.. Anyone remember the Blue 32 Duece coup that dragged K street in 62/63 ? that was me !!

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                1. re: jacksonwayne

                  I remember The Buckboard Restaurant between Florin and Sacrmento.....amazing Flim Flam Chicken! And as I recall, the prime rib was $2!!! Yep, in the 50's
                  I have tried so many chicken recipes trying to get that "flim flam" taste again....if you ever get that recipe, please let me know!

                  1. re: jacksonwayne

                    Yes, it was called the "BuckBoard" had an "old west" sort of compound surrounding the restaurant.

                    1. re: jacksonwayne

                      I left Sacto in 1965 and yet I still search for the flim flam chicken recipe! I remember my Mom telling me that the family that owed the Buckboard refused to sell or give up the recipe to anyone and wanted to "take it to their grave".
                      I also miss Old McDonalds Farm, the Coral Reef, the Bluebird Cafe, free pickles (how unsanitary that was!) at Sam's, Poor Reds, the soda shop at Coloma, and hanging out at Carnations as a teen. Thank you to everyone for providing a nice trip down memory lane!

                      1. re: Kawiwebwatcher

                        Did you ever eat at Porky's Pit? Which Carnations did you hang out at?
                        I was born in Sacramento, and left when I was 23 in 1977.

                    2. By the way, I am the OP of this post. I left CH for a while, then returned as Tripeler.