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Jul 10, 2012 01:22 PM

New Oyster Bar in Kinston, NC to open in 2013 - The Boiler Room

Sounds good!

From the News and Observer:

Chef & the Farmer owners Vivian Howard and Ben Knight are teaming up with Stephen Hill, a founder of Mother Earth Brewing, to open an oyster bar in Kinston.

"Everybody here loves an oyster bar," Vivian Howard explains.

They say it won't open until spring 2013. But the oyster bar will be in an alley next to an old furniture store between their restaurant and Mother Earth Brewing in downtown Kinston.
They will serve steamed, fried and raw oysters, as well as an oyster burger (think po'boy). For the non-oyster eaters, they will have burgers on the menu.

The restaurant will have 30 to 40 seats and will be called The Boiler Room since the building's original boiler is still in the space.

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  1. Yep this showed up in Twitter a few weeks ago. I wondered if the seafood store was still around on Heritage Street. It's a well intentioned venture as Kinston doesn't really have a place (from memory) that would be called a seafood restaurant. My memory recalls going to Sandpiper in La Grange or Dixie Queen in Winterville when I was younger and there use to be place called Al's Seafood.