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Jul 10, 2012 01:15 PM

Private dinner party for 12 - suggestions

I've been through older discussions on this but nothing I learned there has helped thus far. Throwing a dinner party for an adult birthday celebration for 12 weekend after next. Tried a few restaurants that cater but really prefer not a buffet - so far nothing from the one private chef I tried - I am not interested in Iron Chef types nor famous chefs- but there must be a company that specializes in cooking, serving, etc., - for non-famous people who don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a single meal. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks everyone!

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  1. So....does it have to be in a restaurant? Or are you saying the chef can come to you? The chef at Auntie Em's, Terri Wahl, is excellent....and I'm pretty sure she does private events. They have a catering person on their website you can contact. I've had her meals several times, and she does all types of cuisines....very well.

    1. Book a private room for 12? Plenty of those out there. Cube, Drago Centro, Hatfield's, etc. None will be buffets.

      1. Have not been, but Mezze is supposed to be very good and has a private room for up to 15.

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          Nice room at Vincenti for 12. Great food, service and ambiance.

        2. I'm a little confused - do you want a private chef to cook at your house? Because others here are suggesting restaurants and I'm not sure that's what you want. But if you want a private chef, I'd say put an ad on Craigs List. Say you're going to pay $25 an hour plus food costs. You'll likely be deluged with offers. Do some due diligence before you pick someone. If the menu sounds weird, it probably is. And see if they've had experience in good restaurants. (places where you know the food.)

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            also depends on your budget.

          2. Don Dickman, the chef at Barbrix in Silverlake, does private parties. I'm not sure of his rate, but it will probably depend on your menu. His food is fantastic.