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Jul 10, 2012 12:31 PM

What is the "Whole Foods" of Quebec City?

I know that the only Whole Foods in Canada is in Toronto. Is there a similar type of supermarket to visit?

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  1. There is no equivalent either in Montreal or Quebec City.

    Your best bet would be, I assume, to go the "Marché du Vieux Port" for better fresh products (some of them might actually be bio.

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      Susany, fyi "bio" is the short form French equivalent of "organic".

        1. re: Maximilien

          Thanks. Are people not very concerned about bio? Or is it found easily in local open air markets but not supermarkets? Or, perhaps, you just use far fewer pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds than we do in America, so less need for concern...

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            At Loblaws and Provigo supermarkets look for the President's Choice Organics store brand. Other supermarkets (Metro, IGA) have their own line of organic products as well.

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              The question comes up from time to time.

              The main reasons are mostly question of demographics and wealth.

              I'm certain one might open in one of the big box mega-centers outside of montreal (10-30, Laval, ... )


        Quebec city regional supermarket chain that would appear to be your best bet in the area, IMO

        1. La Carotte Joyeuse on St-John street sells only bio!

          1. Rachelle Bery is the closest thing we have in Quebec to Whole Foods.They have 7 stores in Quebec(one of them in Quebec City) and 17smaller spaces in IGA stores through out the Province(two of them in Quebec City).Quebecers depend more on Farmers Markets and weekly Bio Baskets than stores that resell Bio products.

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              Rachelle Bery is a very nice chain of health food stores but light years away from Whole Foods