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Jul 10, 2012 12:24 PM

Say you were going to make a brisket calzone.....

What kind of cheese and sauce would you use? I'm going to make a swiss chard and ricotta calzone for myself. DH would be happier with meat and I would be happier not to have to go to the trouble of preparing said meat, so brisket it is. Hit me with your suggestions, please!

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  1. Since you're going with a barbecued meat already, why not your favorite barbecue sauce (I like Gates' mild sauce) and some nice melting cheese, like Monterey or pepper Jack? I like the chard idea, though!

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      I love the pepper jack idea, but would go with a horseradish sauce, personally.

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        Thanks to you both. I was thinking barbecue sauce or horseradish sauce. The pepper jack sounds good. Now if only I have some. If not, I do have jalapenos and a selection of other cheeses.

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        I'm not sure the brisket is going to be smoked (barbecued). She didn't say. My guess is she's probably going to roast or braise it, not smoke it.

      3. White American
        Smoked Gouda

        1. Red Dragon Cheese! For the sauce I'd just go au jus (or use Better Than Bouillon).

          1. Thank you all for your replies. I chose brisket because I had some already prepared in the freezer. Ended up running suggestions by DH and he chose no sauce, provolone, roasted red peppers, onions and jalapenos. He said it was good. My swiss chard and ricotta was quite good.

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              Spicy Philly cheese calzone . . . I like it.

              What about Cheez Whiz?

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                Cheez Who? Any kin to Chuckie Cheese?

              2. Brisket has the same fall apart tender texture of braciole meat. So I would make it a braciole calzone: brisket, tomato sauce, parmesan, pine nuts, and parsley OR whatever you normally put into your version of braciole.

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