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Where can we go on a Friday night around 10 p.m., no reservation, around 28th and 6th?

My daughter and I are flying into JFK around 6:30 p.m. on the 20th and checking into the Hotel Indigo. We will be hungry but I don't want to make a reservation anywhere in case our flight is delayed. Is there anywhere casual in the area where we can get a light meal around 10 p.m. without waiting for an hour or more?

I made reservations the following night for Millesime. My daughter, 24, is moving to the Flatiron area from Ft. Laud next month and I want to take her somewhere in her new neighborhood that isn't crazy expensive, but good. Is this a good choice? We both like seafood (we actually both like ALL food).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. John Dory Oyster Bar

    1. can you give a little more context for "isnt crazy expensive" - people have very differnt views on what a reasonable amount of money to spend on a meal can be, and it would help target peoples responses to give either a total dollar amount you are willing to spend or the prices of entrees you're looking for.

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        @ tex - The price of an entree is between $20-$30 or less.
        @ LB - I like the sound of John Dory. Is it in the ACE? Will we get in?


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          i like John Dory a lot, but on a Friday night you are likely to have a serious wait, even at 10pm...(i went there recently on a Saturday around that time or slightly earlier and was told it's 45 minute wait)...but could be fine if you don't mind having a drink at the bar first and aren't totally famished...

          A totally different option might Korean BBQ at Don's Bogam (32nd St, btw 5th and Madison), a rare K-town place that has decent wine by the glass...

          Or perhaps some French bistro food at an outdoor table at Le Singe Vert (7th Ave near 20th St)...

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            Second the recs for Don's and Le Singe Vert, as well...

      2. Reservations are cancelable.

        1. Shake Shack is pretty close by in Madison Square Park. It's not sit down, but it's excellent.

          If you want seafood, Korea Town is a few blocks north -- 32nd between 6th and 5th has a ton of Korean restaurants.

          1. just do a casual dinner at izumi sushi on 28th

            1. The suggestions for Koreatown are good - I used to live up there, and it's a great option for a Friday night without a wait. There are a couple places I'm partial to - Gahm Mi Oak is one of the best places on the block, very serene. Kum Gang San was my usual go-to choice for something casual, though - it's big, silly (they have a piano on top of a waterfall... that does count for something), and the food is generally above average as long as you stick to the Korean offerings (many K-Town joints also tack on sushi menus, which are more often than not best skipped...)

              If not feeling the Korean, in that same area is Artisanal. While they can be busy, they'll often have some seats available in their bar/lounge area. It's mostly French bistro classics, with a focus on cheeses from around the world.

              For steak and other hearty bistro fare, Les Halles isn't too bad. A lot of people dis them, saying they're not as good as, say, Balthazar - but whatever, they're half the price of Balthazar, and AT their price point, they're pretty dang solid.

              Closer to your hotel, you could do Hill Country for (Texas style) BBQ, or a little further West is RUB, which is more KC style.

              For something fancier, Gramercy Tavern isn't too far a walk, and in the Tavern room entrees top out at around $24, IIRC. Might be a bit busy, but I'm always surprised at how short a wait I've had w/o reservations there. If you get in on time, they could be a nice, relaxing option. You can have drinks at the bar while you wait for a table, if there is a wait (or simply eat at the bar, if you like...)

              And the various restaurants in Eataly - Birreria wouldn't be likely w/o a rezzie (they're crazy mobbed) but the various other first-come-first-served places (Il Verdure, Il Pesce, etc) would all likely be good options, if you get to your hotel in time.

              Mind you, if your flight lands at 6:30, even with bad traffic coming in, you'll probably be at your hotel no later than 8:30 or so. Making a 9:30 or 10:00 reservation somewhere isn't a terrible idea - if your flight is delayed, you'll know on your departure end, you can always call and cancel before you take off.

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                > if your flight is delayed, you'll know on your departure end, you can always call and cancel before you take off

                Not always, which is why I rarely make restaurant reservations the night I land somewhere. You could get stuck on the runway for a while (with no cell phones allowed), or stuck circling in the air before you land, or diverted to a different airport.

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                  Thanks everyone. I did go ahead and make a reservation at NoMad for 10:00 p.m. figuring that I could cancel from Ft. Laud if there's a delay (maybe even turn the cell on for a minute from the runway if stuck), but now I really like the Gramercy Tavern idea because I haven't been there in years and I'd love to go back. Korean Barbecue is an interesting option also, since we have very few Korean restaurants here. It appears that we have a lot of options.

                  What about Millesime for Sat. night? Is this a good choice?

                  For breakfasts and lunches, we'll just wander around, and I saved Kathryn's earlier post about the Flatiron/Gramercy area, so maybe we'll hit some of those spots.

                  Many thanks.

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                    I like me some Korean BBQ, but I wouldn't do it with just two people - it's all served family-style, you wouldn't really get much of an assortment with just the two of you. If you're to do K-Town, I'd probably stick with regular dishes.

                    That said, nothing wrong with NoMad (as long as you booked the right NoMad... not the North African place in the East Village, which is nice but probably not what you were thinking of...)

                    I like Millesime - the food is fairly simple, especially the entrees (which tend to be of the pick-a-fish/pick-a-sauce variety) although some of the apps are a bit more creative. There was (still is?) a great tuna tartare that actually made that boring old warhorse interesting again, a Moroccan take on it with dates and preserved lemons. Delicious.

                    Over the last few years, I've actually enjoyed my meals in the Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern more than the meals I've had in the Main Dining Room, FWIW. It not being rez-able is a problem, though.

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                  I've been to Balthazar once and I didn't like it that much. Way too much truffle oil in the salad (and truffle oil? why even have that in the first place), well-executed but boring pan-seared salmon with butter sauce, really weird millefuelle and the ice cream it came with was barely defrosted.

                  The adjacent Bakery I generally love, majority of the pastries were superior quality (only weak one I've had so far was the opera cake).

                3. Le Zie is very close. Opt for one of their many specials, though I'm also a big fan of their Venetian tapas.

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                    Hi Everyone,
                    Thanks for your help. We ended up canceling the NoMad reservation for Friday night, thinking it was better to wing it and thankfully we did. Our flight was 5 hours late (ugh Jetblue) and we ended up getting to the hotel at midnight and dropping into bed after a dinner of terra blue chips and animal crackers.
                    Saturday, we ended up at Shake Shack in MSP for lunch because it was such a gorgeous day and we went to Wong for dinner. Great meal - duck buns were great, but I prefer the non-fried version at Momofuku. Fluke crudo was amazing, then lobster egg foo yeung and rice noodles with pork. Each dish had about 2 fried eggs in it - we love eggs so it was great but we were too stuffed for dessert. We'll be back in early August and thinking about RW menu at Junoon and then Ma Peche for the next night. Thanks again for your help.

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                      If you're staying in the same area, the ceviche bar at Raymi would be a good option.

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                        Raymi looks great. We love ceviche, but there's not much about it on the boards. Has anyone been recently?

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                          Raymi just opened a few weeks ago in Nuela's former space. Erik Ramirez is still on board as chef de cuisine and while the menu is mostly new, the food remains close to the spirit of the Nuela.

                          The dorvina ceviche is great - a bit unusual with cubes of sweet potato balancing the acidity. I also liked the Peruvian corn cake with mushrooms, grilled octopus and calamari, cod cau cau, dulce de leche panna cotta and the rice pudding. The arroz con pato is a risotto with sliced duck and scallops - it's a good dish though not quite as amazing as Nuela's paella version with duck confit, foie gras and duck egg.

                  2. Markt on 22nd and 6th is good. they have all sorts of things, mussels, burgers, good fries, salads etc and they are open late. Hill Country is in the area for BBQ. As Simon suggested for Korean food or Korean BBQ, they are open late ( 32nd street between broadway and 5th)

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                      My daughter and I will be back on 8/10 for the weekend, and then my husband will join me in coming back again on the 23rd. I really like the sound of raymi and think I'll go when it's the 3 of us so we can try more things. We walked by Markt this weekend and we will also plan to try that in the near future. Any suggestions for more casual places (lunch or take out) in the area? Since I'm sure we'll be visiting a lot, I thank all of you for all these great suggestions.