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Jul 10, 2012 12:07 PM

Portsmouth/Rye Brunch

Any suggestions for Sunday brunch in or near Portsmouth or Rye? We'll be there for a wedding in August. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Mirabelle on Bridge Street in Portsmouth does a nice "crepe" Sunday brunch.

    Marriot's Wentworth-by-the-Sea has an impressive Sunday Buffet Brunch

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      Thanks! I'll check out Cafe Mirabelle online. The Marriott looks really nice but out of budget.

    2. The Golden Egg is great for breakfast.

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        will check that out online, thanks!

      2. Cafe Mirabelle is wonderful (but their crepe brunch is done for the summer). Michelle's Market Square in Portsmouth does brunch. If you want crepes you must travel father afield to Dover, Silver Moon Creperie .

        1. For some choices on the more economical side, I did many a Sunday Bruch in Portsmouth as a student at UNH (about 20 min away.) In Market Square the Friendly Toast is a quirky spot with "eclectic" decor (I'm being kind) hipster waiters but straight up delicious food. Popovers across the street is also an easy pick to with great selection and more of an upscale cafe feel and great bakery/breakfast items

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            Forgot about the Friendly Toast! Cheap, decent, casual breakfast, love it there, but it might be really busy. I'll check out Michelle's too. Not wedded to crepes, would prefer an eggy and meaty breakfast. Thanks!

            1. re: Kat

              FT is cheap for breakfast? - maybe compared to the brunch at the Wentworth....

              Most menu items for a full breakfast are in the $10-12 range - without any meat, so were talking $15+ with meat + a drink - you would be lucky to get out the door under $20 a head. You can get lobster and eggs at the Golden Egg down the street for less than that. Been to FT a few times (under protest after my first visit) and I haven't found the food to be worth what they are charging - or worth the wait.

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                Yes, cheap compared to Wentworth, and hangover friendly ( which is an added bonus!).

          2. So, on our way to the Golden Egg, we realized we were near the Wentworth and just decided to splurge. It was $35 pp, mimosas included and replenished on request. Nice setting and servers quick to remove used plates. I don't normally enjoy buffets, but this one was not crowded and the food was refilled often so it was fresh. Oyster fiend spouse was in AYCE oyster heaven and ate little else. I think the dessert table was a little weak, I took only two chocolate covered strawberries. Smoked salmon was quite good. I enjoyed the omelet station and carved ham. The bacon was very good, every piece crispy and not flabby or limp. Considering I paid more for a very mediocre buffet brunch at a very mediocre location for Easter, this was a good deal.