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Jul 10, 2012 09:50 AM

Chickpea noodle soup (recipe)

Hi everyone,
I discovered this recipe awhile ago and I make it frequently, especially in cold weather or when we're feeling under the weather. Sometimes us veg-heads can feel left out of the chicken noodle soup club, but this is a terrific answer to that problem!

If you don't have pappardalle noodles (or you don't want to use eggy noodles for other reasons, like vegan requirements or high cholesterol), you can sub lasagna noodles cut into strips. I use the no-boil ones (keep them around just for this purpose in fact), boil them, and then cool and cut into strips.

Sometimes I add carrot coins or peas depending on what I have lying around.

I predict that this fabulous, easy, and cheap recipe will become a favorite for many. Enjoy!!

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  1. Thanks! I have added it to my collection of recipes to try. Not so much soup weather here right now, but come October, I will be cooking some up!

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      It is such a staple for us. Really. I hope posting it here gets some more people to try it!

    2. I remember making a chickpea noodle soup from the ppk. Very different from what you posted, win miso, soba noodles, and carrots, but soooo good.