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Jul 10, 2012 09:35 AM

What are some good restaurants in Las Cruces

We will be in Las Cruces for the weekend with our children and grandchildren the youngest is 10) and would appreciate a recommendation for a good New Mexico style Mexican restaurant (one that caters to locals rather than tourists) I searched the boards but saw mostly recommendations for other cities.

Thanks .

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  1. It might be worth your while to drive several miles south of LC to the tiny village of La Mesa. There you will find a little dive called Chope's. It is arguably the best New Mexican restaurant in the state of New Mexico.

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      Before you fall for the Chopes "hype" read some of the recent reviews of this restaurant on Urbanspoon.

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        I've been to Chope's twice, most recently in March. In both cases the product lived up to the hype.

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          I live in Las Cruces and Chopes lives up to the "hype." Although, I was kind of skeptical the first time I went there, judging by how it looks. Plus it's a pretty drive through the orchards. I like to do the trip on my bike, get some rellenos and a beer and go back home.

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            I believe the highway from Mesilla to La Mesa (28?) was once part of El Camino Real which ran from Mexico City to Santa Fe. At any rate, you're right, it is a pretty and quaint drive.

      2. When I thought I'd have to go to Las Cruces last year, some people strongly recommended Paisano Cafe in nearby Mesilla. Sounds like an Italian place, but it's really a Mexican + New Mexican restaurant specializing in housemade salsas, mole's and seafood. I ended up not making the trip at all, but the menu looked interesting. It's the only NM restaurant I've heard of that has chiles en nogada (only in season, around September). They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Another place they recommended, also in Mesilla, was La Posta de Mesilla. It looked more typically New Mexican, but it sounded like a very family-friendly place. Both have menus up online.

        You're right that there isn't much on these boards about that area. If you find something you like (or dislike) please post a report when you have a chance.

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          There's also a steakhouse called the Double Eagle in Old Mesilla that has a very good reputation. I aim to try it soon.

        2. I know you've already visited LC by this point, but Habaneros is a good place for lunch. You get a free bowl of welcome soup (sopa de fideo) when you walk in and everything I've had there is good with big portions. I recommend pretty much any of their burritos, but what I usually get is the potato tacos with a chile relleno and a horchata to drink.