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Jul 10, 2012 08:15 AM

Seeking the Holy Grail of coffee makers

My husband asked me for a decent programmable coffee maker for Fathers Day. I struck out but I'm trying to be a good wife, so I'm trying again.

This coffee maker should:
-- Be programmable
-- Have a grinder
-- Have a thermal carafe
-- Have a hot water dispenser (tea for me)

Does this exist??


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  1. I dont know of any. There are makers with dispensers on the side, but they dont have grinders or thermal carafe. Thermal carafe, programmable and grinder are easy to accomplish, your water dispenser might be the downfall. I would say a separate hot water dispenser would make finding your coffee machine much easier. Failing that a unit with a glass carafe maybe you could buy a thermal one to replace it, or a separate grinder.

    Good luck on your search! Cuisinart has a lot of machines that have 3 of 4 of your requirements but to my knowledge none that have all 4.