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Jul 10, 2012 07:22 AM

Last minute Anniversary request for Newport, Bristol, or nearby

May be heading to Newport area from Boston on Thursday to spend a few hours walking around and maybe hit a beach. Would like a very nice dinner after. Looking at Permisson or Hourglass Brasserie in Bristol. Wll do anything from very casual to more upscale but great food a must. If we are coming from beah we may not be dressed for upscale dinner. Thanks.

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  1. It's a completely different vibe from the two you mentioned, but check out Beehive Cafe. Especially if you are on the more casual side.

    1. If you're already in Newport, no sense driving back to Bristol to eat. Tallulah on Thames would be a great choice for a "very nice dinner", although if you're wearing flip-flops and a bathing suit you may not be comfortable.

      1. Perro Salado might willingly accept flip flop wearers. The outside patio is a little crowded somewhat beyond cozy but very nice. Was going to suggest Salvation Cafe but they appear to have been "closed for renovations" for quite some time.

        1. If your in Newport the Inn at Castle Hill. its a nice place for an anniversary. Romantic then sit out side and over look the harbor. At Tallulah the food is a good a bit over rated. The food at Castle Hill will be first rate and at Tallulah you night end up sitting on the next person's lap thats how cramped.

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            Funny, but I think the opposite - that Tallulah's food is clearly better than Castle Hill, which I think doesn't quite live up to its location and reputation. But differences of opinion make for horse races.

            And while Tallulah's is small and not super-quiet, I've had no difficulty having a romantic and comfortable meal there.