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Jul 10, 2012 07:18 AM

Sunday Dinner with Clients, w/in 10 min cab ride of Opera, ~ 75E/person, wine included

Just found out I am taking 6 clients to dinner this coming Sunday... clients I've never met. I'm looking for a place, but have a few caveats:

- One client does not eat seafood, one doesn't eat any sort of pork, ham, sausages (meat from a pig)
- I am a vegetarian but eat seafood
- Clients are from Brazil, India, Germany & the US, so probably somewhere fairly "French" would be nice for them, though somewhere with an English menu would likely be best
- Needs to be under 75E/person, drinks included (not likely to be heavy drinking)
- Near-ish to Opera (w/in a 10-15 minute cab ride)
- Would like the food to be good with charming ambiance, but nothing too out there, as I don't know these people at all
- We are going to Maceo as a larger group the following night, so somewhere that has a different feel/menu than Maceo would be nice

I thought about MiniPalais, L'Absinthe, Les Jalles (might be too spendy)... any other suggestions?

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  1. Domaine de Lintillac is within 15-minute, not cab ride, but walk to the Opéra (you mean Garnier, right?).
    It is meat-focused, especially foie gras-focused. However, you can specify upon reservation that you are vegetarian and ask to have only veg dishes for yourself.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Yes, Garnier.

      A good suggestion, but foie gras-focused might be a challenge if they are not used to foreign cuisine (for one it is her first time ever out of the US), so I think I need to stick to something with a broader menu! (MiniPalais looked ideal because the food, while not amazing, is adequate (they even have a burger!) and the space is certainly charming. But they are full this Sunday, and won't take a reservation for 6.)

      1. re: justbecause

        The menu at Domaine de Lintillac is not foie gras-exclusive. :-)
        It is famous for cassoulet, duck, more duck, lamb.
        Drouant and Volnay are good options too.

        My experience at Mini-Palais was notso-hotso food and worse service. I had to get up several times to ask the kitchen to bring us missing flatware, wine, etc. (while all the food had arrived some time before), bypassing the waitress standing near our table who seemed to be on strike. :-(

    2. Two other possibilities nearby the Opera Garnier are Bistro Volnay (mother ship of Les Jalles) and Drouant which has a large menu, lovely setting, interesting history and well known chef.

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      1. re: Laidback

        Volnay is closed on Sundays, otherwise that would've been my go-to spot. But Drouant is a possibility, definitely. Thanks for the suggestions!