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Jul 10, 2012 06:39 AM

Candy shops near Nashua

Other than Swan up in Merrimack, where do you go to buy candy?

I buy fudge at Martha's Exchange...they sell Winfrey's brand.

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  1. It's not near Nashua but if you get up to Concord again, Granite State on Warren Street has been around for eons and now also make their own ice cream. I've always assumed that most of the chocolate is made right there. It's within walking distance of Main Street or you can park on State Street.

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      I've been meaning to check Granite State out...and I will. I had hoped to go when we visited with my inlaws, but every day trip with them gets cut short. We drive there. 1 hour later she wants lunch. Then she wants to go home.

      1. re: rizzo0904

        When you get back, Bread and Chocolate on South Main Street has some wonderful pastries. One of the breads has a swirl of chocolate and nuts. Not as sweet as usual pastries. They do European style breads etc.

        I know you have apple orchards in your area but maybe apple season would be a good time to visit. Gould Hill Orchards isn't that far from downtown Concord. They also have a small nature museum but I haven't taken our GDs there during the summer.

        Beech Hill Farm has some farm animals to see and a giant sand pile with trucks for visiting kids to play with. Very good ice cream. Also, later in the year, a corn maze.

    2. Unfortunately rizzo, my "local" fudge place is a 100+ mile round trip which I do every couple of months - it's Phillips Candy House in Dorchester (LOVE their penuche).