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Jul 10, 2012 04:58 AM

Antigua, GT: El Convento has a new chef

As of just 10 days ago, the restaurant at Hotel El Convento ( ) has a new chef. Titi Bruderer, fresh off of a long stint at Tamarindos in Guatemala City, is now in the kitchen at El Convento. The chef herself came to the table and described the dishes on offer: interesting stuff like gnocchi w/loroco, salads w/a coffee dressing, soups (artichoke, cream of corn), a delicious corn risotto w/ chipilin, strip steak w/rum & coffee sauce....service was attentive, but it's clear that chef & staff are still working out the kinks.

Food was way, way better than Panza Verde; it was easily the best food I ate during a 5-day trip to Antigua.

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  1. That sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try gnocchi with loroco. What a great idea! Probably won't get back until next March, but putting this right at the top of my list. Thanks for the report.

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      Here are some photos from my recent El Convento meal:

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        Looks spectacular. I've always avoided the El Convento for political reasons. Really wish the chef was cooking somewhere else. But I'll definitely try it when I go back. Thanks for the pix.

        Sounds as though Panza Verde is losing it. I've had some lovely meals there, but that was more than three years ago. Yours isn't the only negative report I've heard recently. Too bad.