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Jul 9, 2012 10:19 PM

tofu nibbles

Hi. Trying to get my kids interested in tofu, so I'm imagining a tofu dish that is sweetish, but dry -- no sauces. Or maybe an optional sauce that can be dipped in. Comes in big chunks (no cutting required). Something you could eat with your fingers as a snack (or in a lunch box). Any suggestions?

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  1. Seems like baked tofu squares or triangles would be a good fit here. I live in Seattle and the Trader Joes around here sells packaged baked tofu that I often use as a work or hiking snack. (Though my mom in the Bay Area says she can't find it at her stores, so it might be a regional thing.) If you'd like to make baked tofu at home, here's a good recipe to start with:

    1. I would just cut them into the shape you want and bake them. If you want you could always brush on a little maple syrup or honey. I bake tofu in the oven all the time until it's crispy/chewy--you really have to buy the extra firm stuff and press out as much water as you can before slicing; then I just put it on parchment and bake, usually I think at 400. I just watch it to check for doneness, but probably around 15 minutes is right.

      I'm not sure your kids would be into this but a satay-style peanut sauce is great with baked tofu skewers.

      1. The Chinese markets around here sell something called dried tofu (it's a very dense, but not dried-out tofu), and the tea flavored ones (and the must-be-poorly-translated "halogen flavor", which tastes like five-spice to me) is a little sweet and it comes in chunks. I love it for snacking, myself. I have no idea where you live, though, so this is only useful if you can get access to a variety of Chinese markets.