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Jul 9, 2012 09:56 PM

Any midtown west bars with a downtown vibe?

Sorry if the question seems vague, but I think most will know what I'm looking for. The lobby bar at the Ace Hotel would be one option. Anything further uptown?

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  1. As a 1-year midtown west resident formerly of the village, I too would kill for such knowledge. Here are my fragmentary, incomplete answers answers

    One of the few bars that's good is On The Rocks
    Focus on whisky; no tv, soft mjusic, knowleagble bartender, small, intimate, but a bit "boys talking about things quietly" vibe.

    As for cocktails, while the bar is loud and not v downtowny, there is one cocktail at Toloache that is the equal of anything a mixologist could put together downtown
    the Mezcalita de PiƱa is epic - smokey, spicey, sweet and salty - perfect for an autumn night

    I am open to more suggestions!

    1. On the Rocks is definitely one of the best options in the area; just don't tell many people as I would hate for it to get crowded! They have an extensive selection of whisky: American, Irish, single malts, and the bartenders know their craft.
      As far as speak-easy vibe places, the closest we got was JBird, which closed shop and moved to UES quicker than you could say go. Definitely a shame.
      In central midtown there is Lanterns Keep, which reminds me of Raines Law Room, and is generally quiet and civilized and makes a good drink to boot.
      Another spot with decent drinks is near Bryant Park, the Bar Downstairs. It's basically a hotel's concept of a giant speakeasy. It is somewhat hidden away, but is a giant room so definitely not the same feel. Their drinks are solid, nothing groundbreaking but worth a try. It hasnt been too rowdy when I've gone, at least before midnight.
      If anyone knows of anywhere else please post~the East Village shouldn't get to have all the fun.