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Jul 9, 2012 09:11 PM

Uchi / Uchiko specific question and then broad Austin question

Hi Austin-ers, I'm going to be visiting overnight for the first time ever on July 30th. I'm fascinated by Uchi / Uchiko, but they are full-up on reservations. Assuming its a Monday night and I am willing to wait to eat, do I have a real shot to walk in? If so, which one and if both, which should I go to?

If you say its impossible to get in, are there other places I should turn to? I'm very open to any type of food. High-end to low brow, asian to barbeque.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. If it's just one, you can walk in to both if you are okay with sitting at the bar, same food, so why not. Pick the one closest to you and be there when the open

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      Problem is, I won't be able to get there until 8 ish. Will that work?

      1. re: FattyDumplin

        If you're a party of one, it shouldn't be impossible to get a seat at the bar at 8pm on a Monday. You might not even have to wait long.

        The menus at Uchi and Uchiko are somewhat different, but in the same vein. You won't go wrong at either. Uchiko is bigger, so it'll probably be easier to get a seat there.

        1. re: heyzeus212

          Thanks! I was able to book a seat directly through OpenTable. Oddly enough, i went through the Uchi websites last night to reserve, which link into OT, and got the no reservations message.

    2. I've walked in plenty of times in a party of two and gotten seats at the bar or a table. You might have to wait a little bit, but that's not a big deal- the bar's a nice place to hang out and people watch.

      I'd choose Uchi over Uchiko, but that's just a matter of preference; both are truly excellent.

      1. they will sometimes open up more reservations the day of too.

        1. You want the bar during the Social hour. More cheap options for grub plus you get a little floor show.

          1. Ended up at Uchiko on a different night. Maybe I just had different expectations but it didn't blow me away. Everything was tasty and looked really pretty on a plate, but for me, the flavors were a bit too in my face and very salty.

            Had the Uni Corn. The Corn puree with freeze dried and fresh corn kernels was very nice. Rich texture and bursting with corn flavor. But the corn basically overpowered the uni, which was actually fairly plentiful. Had this been just a corn appetizer, it would have been great, but paying the premium to have uni added that I couldn't really taste was sort of a letdown.

            Pork cheek with Kimchi. Super salty. The pieces of pork cheek were incredibly unctuous with the perfect proportion of meat to fat. And it had been cooked perfectly. But the salt was somewhat overbearing and really detracted from the dish.

            Chicken Kara-age. This was the simplest and cheapest dish, but by far, the best. In fact, this is probably the best rendition of chicken kara-age I've ever had. I love that they used basically a half chicken, so you actually get to know on some bones. And the crispy coating was perfect - light, crisp and not greasy at all. Had I not had the previous two dishes already, I would've ordered another dish of this. And, despite my comments, I will go back to Uchiko just to have this dish.

            Cigar dessert - This was good. Very different flavor profile than your typical dessert and everything worked together well. I'd get this again, although when I come back, i'd also be tmpted to try other desserts.

            Thanks all for the help. Altogether an enjoyable meal.