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Jul 9, 2012 08:48 PM

Prime Rib at Maryland Live?

Is it just my imagination--or did I just read somewhere that the lovely Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Prime Rib restaurant(s) is going to open a third location in the Maryland "Live Casino" (---I thought the term "casino" indicated "live" gaming tables-i.e. Blackjack, etc.--not just slot machines).

I've always catered to the elegance and consistency of the Prime Rib Restaurant--including the dress code and music and no trendy food offerings. Standards of prime rib and steaks--huge fresh salads--those famous Greenberg potato skins and onion rings and my favorite--Imperial

I am curious to see the translation of a Baltimore (and D.C.) institution and how it fits into a less formal atmosphere. Perhaps it will be a modified version of the two original dining establishments.

Most of the clientele at the "casino" when I made a cursory visit before dining at George Martin's Spitfire Grill, were very casually attired and didn't seem to be the usual Prime
Rib oriented diner.

I am just curious as to the potential Prime Rib "Outlet" and how it will measure up to the good original standards. FoiGras

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  1. I would keep you hopes high - and your expectations low.

    In my experience the casino outlets of favorite restaurant or restaurateurs are always a little less satisfying that the non-casino operations. (Even in Vegas where many top notch restaurateurs strive to put out their very best.) Perhaps it is the location . . . perhaps it is the casino denizens that you have to wade through to get the restaurant . . . perhaps it is the sour taste of the Redskins failing to cover the spread clouding your taste buds . . .

    However, Jose Andres joint China Poblano served me one hell of a meal and I had a transcendent duck and foie gras ravioli at Scarpetta. (Both at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas) So perhaps there is hope, but the odds are against it. . .

    1. Not tbat it matters to your point but there's also a Prime Rib in Philly.

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        kukubura--knock me over with a feather. When did the Prime Rib open in Philly? Since you mention it, I presume that it is the same as the one in Baltimore and D.C.--you would know.
        Geez, if they keep opening venues the next thing is that they will become a CHAIN RESTAURANT--lol. Have you dined at all of the locations so that you can provide an opinion as to the consistency comparison--both food-wise and decor-atmosphere. thanks for your input. FoiGras

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          Prime Rib has been a presence in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia for 15 years. Similar but not identical decor, menus and pricing.

          1. re: crackers

            I haven't been there (when we're in Philly we go to Philly places, not Baltimore transplants) but it is in a nice location (in the historic Warwick hotel) so I don't think it hurts the brand (unlike, maybe, the casino branch.) It's definitely moving towards "chain" status, but at a glacial pace. I don't think it'll be as ubiquitous as Ruth's Chris any time soon.

            1. re: kukubura

              I was gonna say, it's been there for years now.