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Jul 9, 2012 08:33 PM

Best Coffee in Auckland?

I know this is a touchy issue, but in my opinion it's Coffee Lab. They have a great coffee bar at the hospital in the North Shore, but now you can also go to the Café in Wairau Valley. It's a really cool place and you can see them roasting the beans on premiss on roasting day. They bring in fair trade coffee directly from the farms, then roast them in house. And a flat white is only 4$! I'm finding is rare to get a really good flat white in Auckland for 4$ anymore. You can also pick your roast, which is awesome if your a real coffee nerd. If you're not, the Baristas know what their doing and you can trust them to make you a good cup of coffee.

That's my humble opinion; where do you think the best coffee in Auckland is?

Also, here's their info:
15 Silverfield Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627
(09) 444 3131

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  1. We are going next month so i can tell you after that but... i have a question...i love strong black american coffee...i keep reading about flat whites, tall blacks & stuff...which i think is espresso.. do the coffee shops in NZ serve just regular dark roast coffee? I would assume so but i don't want to look like a goofus when ordering! Do i just ask for dark roast coffee?? thanks

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      Try this thread for some discussion of the topic.

      I'm an american in Auckland, and you will find very few places serve "drip" coffee. Starbucks will usually serve it, but I've never had it here so I couldn't comment on the quality.

      If you are having a sitdown coffee alot of cafes will server you an espresso with a hot water, and you can add as much hot water as you want to get the strengh you desire.

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        thank you...i definitely want to 'go local' so i'll try the espresso drinks, i just don't like milk and cream so i'll have to wing it!!

        1. re: DCDOLL

          Espresso, Ristretto and 'Long Black' have no cream or milk.

          1. re: kersizm

            Thank you very much! i am looking forward to doing things as the locals do so i may get adventurous and try them all!! i hope, though, that there is skim milk as an option for the drinks with dairy as i really am not a big fan...but can handle skim cos it's not as 'thick' as cream or milk... :)