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Jul 9, 2012 08:28 PM

Sometimes you rediscover an old friend ... Zelo Pizzeria

It's been too long. So long that I forgot how good a cornmeal crust pizza (with corn topping) can be.

No, it's not NY style, it's not even Chicago style. It's a style all it's own.

And today I realized it's been much too long since my last visit. Between all the new pizza joints popping up in/around Pasadena (e.g. Brothers, Settebello) I had forgotten this little gem in northern Arcadia.

What oldies of yours need to be re-discovered? Do share.

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  1. Hmm...your post makes me realize it's been awhile since I treated myself to a slice of fresh corn and caramelized onion pizza and a spinach pesto slice at Zelo's!

    I had some shaved ice at Sinbala last week after not having visited for at least a year and it really hit the spot on that very warm afternoon.

    1. Skafs in North Hollywood...for their hummus and baba ganouj...and the generosity of the owner who always gives me extra and enjoys sharing stories of the Middle East with my boyfriend. When I worked out there I thought I'd pretty much exhausted the menu of things I liked-now I crave them.

      1. Milk: their over-sized ice cream bars, especially the banana (ice cream) and butterscotch (shell) version...

        1. Yeah, but now Pasadena Weekly did an article so it will be busier for the next couple of months. It's funny, I recently moved from a couple of blocks away from Zelo and only ate there twice in the 4 years! Weird how that happens. I ate there more often when I lived further away in Pasadena! That corn pizza is amazing!

          1. I love Zelo's pizza too, and we recently returned there after a long absence. Still delicious. And they still do this thing where they disappear for about 20 minutes when we want to pay and leave. Every time. I'm going to start asking for the check when they bring the food. I love them but their endgame needs work.

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              You know what's totally underrated at Zelo? The calzone.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Must try! I love a good calzone! Never occurred to me, I'm so stunned by their pizza accomplishments.