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Jul 9, 2012 07:38 PM

Dinner recs near French quarter

I am traveling to NO with my husband, inlaws, and 3yo daughter in mid July. We arrive on a Thursday mid afternoon and will stay at the Hilton near the convention center. I needs suggestions for Thursday night early dinner ( 530pm) preferably in the French quarter. We are planning to drive from the hotel to dinner, and walk to cafe du monde for dessert beignets. Budget is not an issue, but my husband will not have a dinner jacket.

Although we will have a toddler in tow I think she does well in most restaurants. We don't want anything that requires a dinner jacket, and would like some place that will take a reservation or have no wait. I have been looking at coquette, cochon, and those types of restaurants look promising. Would prefer to try local specialties, especially seafood, and trying to avoid spaghetti, burgers, diners (we are en route to a family reunion where we will get plenty of that).

We have Friday lunch reservations at commanders, then friday dinner at August (just me and hubby). Then we leave Sunday morning. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I think I would do Muriel's Jacson Square. Just across the square for Cafe du Monde so it would be convenient.

    1. Muriel's looks pretty good. Am trying to decide between Muriel's and Mr B which I believe is also not too far from cafe du monde. Any thoughts on the food quality between those two? Is one more formal, more touristy, more authentic NO?

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        Muriel's, Mr. B's and NOLA are all in the area, as is Tujague's. They are all authenic and all will have tourists and locals. None are Formal.

        But as to ambiance, the most "formal" is Muriels, followed by Mr. B/NOLA in a tie (Mr. B being more traditional, NOLA more warehouse chic) then Tujague's. As for food I would recommend any of the first 3.

      2. I wouldn't try to drive from the hotel to the French Quarter. Traffic will be horrendous and parking even worse. Instead, either take a cab or the riverfront streetcar. The streetcar stop is at Canal Street, almost right outside your hotel door and it's a seven-minute ride to the French Market at Barracks Street. Stroll back to Jackson Square from there.

        1. Irene's (on the corner of Chartres and St. Phillip) opens at 5:30 PM and the food is delicious. I would make a reservation and arrive at 5:30 PM on the dot. That place fills up quickly.
          Second the suggestion of not bringing your car. Trying to find parking will put a damper on the evening.

          1. Now, when you mention "dinner jacket," do you mean no jacket of any type, or no white tux "dinner jacket?" There are many differences there.

            Pure "dinner jackets" are never required in New Orleans, though for a few events, I have worn mine. For a jacket, only a very few restaurants will require those.

            Thanks for the clarification, and enjoy,