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Jul 9, 2012 07:19 PM

Brownstone House (Hamden) coming to Guilford

A couple of months ago, I overheard a conversation in Guilford involving someone who (claimed he) works for the town, saying that the former site of the Friendly‘s on Route 1 in Guilford was going to be taken over by a Greek restaurant. Since the whole New Haven area is seriously lacking in (real) Greek restaurants, this was exciting. There is now signage around the place indicating that it will soon be the "Brownstone Restaurant — Guilford," and as far as I can see this means it will be the second branch of a breakfast/lunch place in Hamden that is run by some Greek people, but which appears by no stretch of the imagination to be a "Greek restaurant.". Disappointing, but perhaps I'll be wrong. We really need a Greek restaurant … Peter (of Zoi's on Orange), are you listening? :-)

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  1. OK, it's open now, although the beer-and-wine license is still pending. Went there for lunch today,and found it to be an extraordinarily plain-vanilla diner (not even meatloaf! Comments my wife). Standard sandwiches, burgers, etc. with the only elaborate part of the menu being breakfast. Place was full, so I guess Guilford was lacking something like this, but I wasn't :-) My hopes for a Greek restaurant were cruelly dashed, and the irony is that as I was leaving I heard one of the cooks and one of the waitresses speaking Greek with each other.

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      I was wondering about this. Thanks for the update.