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Jul 9, 2012 06:29 PM

Best food truck

Staying in Westwood for the week and looking for the closest weekday food trucks as well as your favorites. We are from Boston and I hear the food trucks don't compare to what LA has to offer!

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  1. Unless you have a food truck fetish, I'd say you're better going to some of the great restaurants in the area. There are some good food trucks (my favorite is the Lobsta Truck, but you're from Boston so you won't be impressed), but they're not better that the restaurants you can visit on the westside.

    What kind of food are you looking for?

    1. Don't believe the hype. Most of the trucks look much better than they taste. Kogi is shadow of it's original groundbreaking self. I have had a few decent banh mi's from Nom Nom.

      1. The best food trucks are in Portland, Ore.
        Not only is the food good, ya don't have to chase all over town looking for them.
        So many other options in L.A.

        1. OP, Ciao Bob's rec of banh mi from Nom Nom was going to be my rec as well for food trucks, but I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't limit yourself to food trucks while you're out here!

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            We definitely won't limit ourselves to just food trucks! I was asking because I will be working however my fiancé will be driving around exploring the city as he has never been to California. He is very much a foodie and thought it would be nice to give him a few suggestions of the food trucks around our hotel that he could easily get to.

            1. re: Wolfielvsfood

              If you guys will be anywhere near Universal Studios, there is a park across the street where between 2 to 7 trucks will be there on any given weekday.

              You can check this link, updated daily by about 10am or so.


          2. I just had a great meal at Truck Norris but I have no idea where they frequent. You might want to check food trucks on Twitter to find locations.