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Best food truck

Staying in Westwood for the week and looking for the closest weekday food trucks as well as your favorites. We are from Boston and I hear the food trucks don't compare to what LA has to offer!

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  1. Unless you have a food truck fetish, I'd say you're better going to some of the great restaurants in the area. There are some good food trucks (my favorite is the Lobsta Truck, but you're from Boston so you won't be impressed), but they're not better that the restaurants you can visit on the westside.

    What kind of food are you looking for?

    1. Don't believe the hype. Most of the trucks look much better than they taste. Kogi is shadow of it's original groundbreaking self. I have had a few decent banh mi's from Nom Nom.

      1. The best food trucks are in Portland, Ore.
        Not only is the food good, ya don't have to chase all over town looking for them.
        So many other options in L.A.

        1. OP, Ciao Bob's rec of banh mi from Nom Nom was going to be my rec as well for food trucks, but I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't limit yourself to food trucks while you're out here!

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            We definitely won't limit ourselves to just food trucks! I was asking because I will be working however my fiancé will be driving around exploring the city as he has never been to California. He is very much a foodie and thought it would be nice to give him a few suggestions of the food trucks around our hotel that he could easily get to.

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              If you guys will be anywhere near Universal Studios, there is a park across the street where between 2 to 7 trucks will be there on any given weekday.

              You can check this link, updated daily by about 10am or so.


          2. I just had a great meal at Truck Norris but I have no idea where they frequent. You might want to check food trucks on Twitter to find locations.

            1. I also concur with the advice to put the food trucks on the back burner.

              Have your fiancee drive to Santa Monica to Bay Cities Deli and have the godmother sandwich. Or drive down Westwood Blvd. to Atari Sandwich Shop for some tasty Armenian/Iranian sandwiches (I recommend the Koo-Koo sandwich if you're adventurous). After Atari, stroll across the street and have some rose water and/or saffron ice cream.

              If you want to experience food truck central, head east on Wilshire Blvd just east of Fairfax in front of the museum where you'll find a ton of food trucks parked. My recommendation would be to keep driving past the food trucks to Alvarado, make a right and then a left on 7th and head to Langer's for the #19 sandwich.

              Lots of good eats in LA... enjoy your visit!!

              1. Tacos Leo

                old school mexican taco trucks > new school fancytrucks.

                exception goes to LobstaTruck, but come with a heavy wallet that needs a diet.

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                  FYI to Wolfielvsfood, Tacos Leo Truck is located nights at Venice Blvd and La Brea Blvd. Tacos Leo features an al pastor roasting spit on Fridays and Saturdays.


                  I am also a fan of El Chato, another old school taco truck located nights at Olympic Blvd and La Brea Blvd


                  1. re: Norm Man

                    my problem with El Chato is how they approach al pastor.

                    Al pastor @ El Chato is on a spit, but they carve off of it constantly into plastic holding bins that are kept somewhere. So when you get al pastor tacos @ El Chato, they don't come off the spit, but from a holding bin.

                    @ Tacos Leo, it was right off the spit to the tortilla. Seeing the guy work the knife was great, like a free 15 second show.

                    ....at least this was my experience when I did a taco crawl ~2 years ago.

                    I would also like to say...IMHO the taco truck scene is distinctly Los Angeles whereas the FancyTruck scene is EVERYWHERE.

                2. My favorite food trucks all serve sandwiches...

                  1. South Philly Experience
                  2. Lobsta Truck
                  3. Nom Nom

                  But for a truly LA food truck experience go to a taco truck one evening. I like the one on the corner of La Brea and Olympic and the one on Fair Oaks, north of Colorado in Pasadena.

                  1. Lots of food trucks used to congregate during the week at the UCLA campus, which is in Westwood, but a quick Google leads me to believe that they are no longer there. In that case, I do think the next closest spot would be at LACMA. I would highly recommend LACMA to out of town visitors, but I think I would rather go to Ray's (the restaurant there) than eat at the trucks.

                    1. If you want a truly Unique Food Truck Experience on a Saturday or Sunday until 1 pm in DTLA go to Handsome Coffee roasters and there will be a truck called Egg Slut that serves the most perfectly soft poached egg I have ever had in several different dishes. The menu changes frequently but it all has been good so far and Handsome Coffee Roasters has Excellent coffee.

                      Handsome Coffee Roasters
                      582 Mateo Street
                      Los Angeles, CA 90013


                      Not a truck but a street vendor is Ricky's Fish Tacos He mainly works on weekends near the corner of Sunset and Hollywood Blvds Best Ensenada style Fried Fish Taco in LA.
                      1400 N Virgil Ave
                      Los Angeles, CA 90027

                      Something else you might not find in Boston is Banh Mi the Vietnamese sandwich. While the trucks in LA which have them are not the absolute best they are decent versions and are likely to be found closer to where you will be staying.

                      And last but not least you should at least try Kogi, since they started this craze. They have 4 trucks which roam around and they are easy to find and the food there can be described as Flavor Bombs.

                      That should tie you over for your trip because you really should try the Central, and South American plus Asian restaurants which can be found in abundance here. Now if I can only convince the former owners of Buzzy Roast Beef which was over by Mass General to come to LA and start a food truck. I'd be all set.

                      Take care

                      - P

                      1. Not too far from Westwood there are always trucks on Olympic just west of Bundy in West Los Angeles and also in Santa Monica on Pennsylvania between 26 and Stewart. I second the South Philly Experience truck recommendation. That's what I had for lunch today.