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Jul 9, 2012 06:25 PM

best risotto in Minneapolis?

really in the mood for risotto, can't remember having it anywhere in town other than Saffron, where it was just ok.

any recs guys?


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  1. I had a nice mushroom risotto at Cafe Barbette last weekend.

    1. I've always had good risotto at Zelo and Al Vento.

      1. To be honest, I've rarely had very good risotto in the Twin Cities. I rarely order it anymore because it's one of those dishes that I'm often disappointed with when ordering, and that I feel I can make better at home.

        The one recent exception, however, was the duck confit risotto with cherries, mint, and cipollini onions at the Northeast Social Club. I thought it excellent, and for me, worth returning for.

        While I haven't personally had it, I would give the risotto at the Butcher Block a shot. Everything I have had there has been excellent. The only reason I don't order their risotto is because there are other menu items I'm more interested in.

        Lastly, I'm fairly certain I've had the risotto at I Nonni in Lilydale, and that I really liked it. I believe it was a seafood risotto. I don't see it on their current menus, but their menus tend to be seasonal, and I believe that last time I was there was in winter.

        I've liked the Al Vento risotto (though it's been about 2 years since I last had it), but thought the NE Social Club and I Nonni were much better. I like Al Vento a lot, but I don't remember their risotto as being one of their big hits for me.

        All this said, I think risotto is one of those dishes that can vary from night to night, with a big dependency on timing, and taste vis-a-vis its consistency can vary from one person to another.

        Good luck in your risotto quest. I'm always on the lookout for a high quality risotto in a restaurant.

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          i remember having some good risotto at "risotto" on lake street near lyndale. are they still open?

          1. re: zfwp

            Risotto the restaurant closed in April. I never went, but I heard from several folks that their risotto wasn't great. Maybe that was just early on, though, and things got better. In any case, it looks like they had a short run.

            1. re: foreverhungry

              I had the risotto at Risotto and thought it was fine but not exceptional. I was surprised that they were able to hold on as long as they did since I never saw much traffic in the place. The few times I ate there did not impress me enough to think of it as a place I'd want to go.

              1. re: bob s

                Despite what anyone may think about the risotto at Risotto, I just think that the space is in the wrong part of town. That restaurant space reminds of the little joints you see in high-density urban places like Manhattan and Chicago, not Uptown. I think if you could transplant that restaurant space downtown (or maybe around Calhoun Square) where it might see a lot more foot traffic, it would be much more successful. There just aren't enough people around there to make a small place like that go. Whether it was Risotto or Vino 610, I just have a hard time seeing that space making a go of it for any type of restaurant.

                I personally love the design and restaurant itself. I just wish it was an area that was more suited to it.