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Jul 9, 2012 06:05 PM

Dan Tana's steaks

Anyone know where Dan Tana's sources their New York steak?

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  1. Nope. Their steak and peppers is one of my favorite dishes in the city. Why do you ask?

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    1. re: Thor123

      Came up in conversation. Their New York steak (they call it the Dabney Coleman) never fails to please. Please me anyway. Maybe the best steak in L.A. (thought I haven't tried every steak in L.A.) Hence, I wonder where they get their meat.

      I've heard Newport Meats, but that wasn't from a reliable source. And I would think Newport would list it on their website (where they list a lot of other restaurants).

      1. re: foodiemahoodie

        "Indeed, Tana's is reputed to have the best steaks on the West Coast, thanks to a "man of respect." This gentleman, a visitor from Chicago, complimented Dan on his steaks some 15 years ago, then told him that they could be even better if he used the very best beef, and he knew where to get it. So Dan tried the beef, which comes from Kansas City, and it was and is superb. To this day, it arrives fresh in big hunks from K.C., and the chef cuts off huge steaks as needed. Because the meat is so expensive, Tana's makes virtually no profit on its steaks, but it would never use another source and would never dream of changing the portions. It's just the Tana Way. "

        1. re: Servorg

          Although I could not agree with you more, this board is very DT. Restores my faith to see your endorsement. Big Plug for the dark meat Beckerman too.

          1. re: BSW6490

            Steak and peppers and dark Beckerman are my favorites.

          2. re: Servorg

            Best answer so far! Thanks Servorg. Mystery KC meat!

            I'm a little stuck on the "arrives fresh in big hunks" line. Whatever that means. Uncooked? Not dry-aged?

            $57 for a 16oz steak. Wonder if they're making money on it now.

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              It's probably for than 57 bucks by now, for some reason I though it was about 59 bucks last time I went though it does arrive with spaghetti or fettucine on the side, or if you'd rather go healthy you can get it with sliced tomatoes.

      2. I think it is the best steak in LA in a restaurant. Bar none.

        Having said that I remember reading a magazine article in LA Magazine, a big spread on Dan Tana's, that also mentioned they import the steaks from Kansas City and that the cheesecakes were homemade for them.

        anyhow, that does not help much.

        Darn, now I really want to have one of their steaks right now and a slab of tiramisu for dessert.

        That Dabney Coleman steak is killer in more ways than one. It's got a weeks worth of calories in there. And after I eat that whole thing I'm usually pretty darn full.

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        1. re: kevin

          Kevin - read Servorg's link - I think that was the article In Los Angeles Magazine you were referring to.

          Tana's is open late, but they don't serve that steak past 11:00 (or something like that) Late night is pretty much a few pastas and soup. Maybe a salad. I went in their one night (after mentioning on the radio just a half hour before!) with the radio show host - and nada. No steaky late nighty.

          1. re: foodiemahoodie

            I believe that piece is from the website of the well known journalist, Jonathan Foreman (and son of the academy award winning and black listed screen writer, Carl Foreman):

              1. re: foodiemahoodie

                Cool. I wish there was a
                Link to
                The whole article.

                That should
                The article
                Not absolutely sure.

        2. Went to DT's for the first time last summer (those of you who know me know my penchant for Old Hollywood timewarps) and I really disliked everything about the place. From the overwhelming "scenester" crowds, to the bright overlit dining room, the sports memoribillia on the walls and ceiling, the flatscreen TV with sports broadcasts behind the uncomfortably cramped bar, the cheap 1980's style furnishings, the christmas style string lights adorning the walls... Althought est. in 1958, nothing about Dan Tana's felt like mid century LA to me. I ordered the expensive Dabney Coleman steak and while I could tell that it was an excellent cut of meat, it came out way overcooked-med. rare was more like med. well. I would have sent it back except that we'd been waiting over an hour for seating and I was dining with others on a timeline, so I made do. I know that DT's is a popular dining favorite on these boards, but I didn't see the appeal and wouldn't rush back anytime soon. I'd still chose to visit Taylor's over DT's any day!

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          1. re: OliverB

            Prepare to duck. Negative reviews on this site are not acceptable. Actually, I applaud your candor. I mentioned in a long-ago post that we used to go there frequently with a well-known Hollywood director. We were treated like royalty.
            Always ordered the smaller of the proffered NY strip steak (I think it was 12 oz v 16 oz). Decided one night to order the larger steak. Surprise! Surprise! exactly the same as the 12 oz but untrimmed. Paid extra $$ for fat.
            I did not mind the decor, nor the TV. While seated in the bar dining room (the "in" room), I was somewhat annoyed by the obvious hooker population showing off their decision to go "commando" in very short skirts. Also, the management was very willing to turn a blind eye to those who blatantly smoked at the bar. We went with our Hollywood friends and always had a good time. Tanas is one of those places which reveres Hollywood (young and old). Food is mediocre, prices are high. So many other options available for good food and drink, unless, of course, the hookers at the bar option comes into play:)

            1. re: maudies5

              There's definitely something to be said about hookers.

              Adding to the viva vacuous framework of West Hollywood.

              Save me a bar seat will you please??????????????