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Jul 9, 2012 06:05 PM

tappan zee lunch stop

I'm looking for a diner, chowish stop for lunch near the bridge. I'll be traveling through at lunch. Would love a good old diner with lots of choices. No chains please

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  1. I tried to post links to places that have the type of menus ( many choices) that you are looking for. Any one of them on the Westchester side is better than the diners in the area. There are many good/better restaurants on both sides of the bridge Nyack, Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry, Ossining.... I can't think of any that have the type of menu/food you are looking for, that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you are willing to compromise (the lots of choices menu) you are guaranteed to have a chowish experince on either side of the bridge. I'm sure other posters will have some great recommendations. a little further North

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      Thanks for the list. Great selection, but a bit more than we wanted to spend. Maybe on the way back for dinner!

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        Ok, less expensive but limited menu:

        there are many inexpensive ethnic eateries with good food in the area too

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          Finally pitted in here for lunch on the way to Captain Lawrence on Saturday. Had the Super Hot Habanero and Hot Pepper or whatever Lubin.


          So damn good. And cheap. Will make this place a regular stop for sure.

          This place also just opened right up the street on Main St.

          Sounds promising.

    2. Just south of the Tappan Zee on the Westchester side is the El Dorado diner.

      1. Lefteris in Tarrytown is my pick. While it is not a diner they have a large menu. Sandwiches, salad, delicious fries, full main dishes if you want more.

        1. So... y'all will go with El Dorado? Lubins and Links? and all the rest... without even mentioning Bellas Retaurant? C'mon... they asked for a diner near the bridge... no chains. El Dorado is seriously lousy. None of the others fit the criteria. Please go to Bellas, from Exit 9 by the bridge, go north on Rt 9-Bway for about 1/2 a mile to the Main St intersection. I don't care what anyone says: Get the burgers. Get one of the many wraps. Do yourself a solid and get a nice big breakfast for lunch. B'fast is the best for miles. Its simple, homey, old school. Slide into a 6-top booth and fill yer belly.

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            Wood burner... Good call on Bella's. That one slipped my mind. I did go there when I lived in Tarrytown and enjoyed it.

            I will have to respectfully disagree with you on El Dorado. I think it is a decent diner.

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              Bella's sounds like a great place I can't place the location though. Can you provide a nearby landmark.

              1. re: chowdom

                Off the main intersection in Tarrytown, Broadway and Main. On Broadway, just south of the 7-11 which is on the corner.

                1. re: woodburner

                  Thank you, wow that is easy, I never noticed it.