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Jul 9, 2012 04:58 PM

Home Kitchen Cafe, Rockland ME: Best. Huevos, Rancheros. Ever.

Just back from our annual 4th-of-July week jaunt up to Rockland/Rockport/Camden. Stopped at Home Kitchen on our way out of town Saturday morning. I can't speak to anything else on the menu (although my husband was perfectly happy with his Pig Boogie omelet), but as someone who feels compelled to order huevos rancheros for breakfast whenever they show up on the menu (and who makes a pretty mean version herself) I have to say that the huevos at Home Kitchen handily kicked the ass of any other version I've ever ordered out. Handmade corn tortilla (I watched them press it), expertly poached eggs with salsa rojo, fresh pico de gallo made ala minute, good spicy homecooked black beans, chunks of perfect avocado, full fat sour cream. I'll be dreaming of those eggs until I return next summer.

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  1. Home Kitchen is da bomb! Everything there is good. If you haven't tried the corned beef hash yet, give that a shot. And his take on a banh mi sandwich (the "Banh Home") is excellent.

    1. The pancake photo on their website makes me want to eat my computer screen.