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May 28, 2004 01:10 AM

Best Places to eat in redding.

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ive seen several questions about places to eat in redding. so i thought id add my favorites to lunch and or eat dinner at. im not much of a breakfaster, so i wont put any of those. in addition, ill put a few places to avoid.
first, the good.
Girondas- great italian food, and good services. fast, but it aint cheap.
Jacks- Great place for a steak. excellent, and has the redding 'vibe'
Leatherbeys- the only good place for ice cream in redding. made in store, cream whipped by hand, and always fresh. good food also, but its the ice cream that makes it special.
BT Gevenendes- Cool place, go on tuesday nights if ya like blues music. great food.
Cheesecakes unlimited- great local spot for sandwiches, salads and soups for lunch. also another one in in the enterprise area.
Carnagies- Great place for a sandwich, salad, and soup. completely different atmosphere, and speed, than cheesecakes unlimited.
Sandwichery- if ya want a great deli sandwich, downtown, ya go here. nothing quite as good.
DamBurger- Great local spot for hamburgers. Cheaper than Bartels, but not by much. no tomatoes.
Chus too- excellent spot for chinese food downtown. also sushi.
Buz's Crab Stand- place for sea food in redding.
Enterprise area.
Casa Ramos- pretty good mexican food.
Sailing boat- Local spot for chinese food. Good. Very good!
Pasta Pronto- Fast spot for fresh pasta, tasty sauces.
Subarama- Spot for good sub sandwiches. Fast. Good. Cheap.
the bad.
chain restaurants- i rarely step foot inside one these days, and thats usually to say hi to a friend.
the ugly
Giffs steak burger- Home of the Ugly Burger. Fun, wacky in a good sense of the word, very local. Go in and get harassed by the owner!
hope this helps yall.
email me for more, if i think of them.

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  1. Thank you! It's great to finally get some good recommendations for Redding. A few questions...

    BT Gevenendes: what kind of food is it?

    Cheesecakes Unlimited versus Carnagies: Can you briefly describe the atmosphere at each? Also, which of the two is faster?


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    1. re: nja

      well, dont go to carnagies unless you have at least an hour. put it that way. its a lot noisier, but slower, than cheesecakes unlimited.Since its located near the courthouse, it has quite a few professional people coming in, but thats true too of cheesecakes unlimited. cheesecakes unlimited is quieter, seems slower, but the service is actually quicker.

      and bt gevenedes is basically american grill type food, but in a good way. excellent ribs!

    2. Thank you!

      THANK YOU!

      I had given up on getting any replies about Redding and have been relying on just writing down various restaurants out of the yellow pages and then checking them out on my own during my time that I'm staying in Redding!

      I've copied your email address down and (sorry) but I may very well be contacting you.

      Again: THANK YOU.

      1. The original comment has been removed