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Jul 9, 2012 02:07 PM

Lighter Fare for a Sunday Night?


My husband and I are going to Montreal this weekend. We are doing Joe Beef on Friday and APDC on Saturday so needless to say we need something much lighter for Sunday night. What's open and good and a bit lighter?

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  1. This thread will lists a lot of restaurants that are open on sunday and monday, but check with each restaurants just to be certain.

    My picks :
    Pastaga : small plates.
    Le Comptoire Charcuterie : small plates.
    Damas: For syrian cuisine (I think they have small sharable plates
    )Café Ellefsen: for smorrebrod (I will go there this week).
    Bouillon Bilk : I've heard good reviews from good sources (in league with what I like)