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Jul 9, 2012 02:36 PM

Dining Solo for Italian

I have a one night layover in NYC. I will be alone and due to the nature of my trip I will only have slacks and a Polo (no button down, tie or coat). I need some recommendations for an authentic Italian restaurant that makes their pasta in house. Thanks!

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  1. Your attire is likely fine at many of our Italian restaurants. What's your price range? How much are you willing to spend per person before tax, tip, any wine/drinks?

    Are you willing to eat at the bar? If so, you could probably do Locanda Verde or Scarpetta easily. Babbo, too, if you are willing to wait a little. (I've seen people wearing sweatshirts there!)

    1. Did you have a price point or specific neighborhood in mind? Some ideas:

      Osteria Morini

      1. Osteria Morini, is not only perfect for a solo meal, as they have a food counter to eat at.Your attire is fine for that venue and the pasta is fantastic.

        1. My budget is somewhat open. Pre tax, tip and drinks I would like to stay under $60. I'm thinking a two courses and maybe dessert (the $60 is without dessert). I have no problem sitting at the bar. I love Babbo and would not mind going back but was looking for something new. I am staying in Midtown but am not confined to that area.

          1. i'd say Osteria Morini and Scarpetta are my top suggestions...both are fantastic for bar dining, w/ great bartenders and fun atmosphere (and a plethora of yummy pasta options)...