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Jul 9, 2012 01:19 PM

Raku off the menu?

Going to Raku next Thurs. If we are ordering off the menu (recommended by many of you here, instead of the omikase) how many dishes are we probably looking at ? (Trying to figure out the pace of the meal) Obviously it depends on how much you eat, but for an average appetite, would I be too far off if I planned on splitting 10 dishes between the two of us ?? Or is that too much?

Or 12? I know I can do "batches", but still trying to pace the whole thing I don't want to plan on something for dish 10 and run out of room/desire :)

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  1. Most come fairly quick, depending on how busy they are. My last visit was on a Saturday night at 9pm and we were out of there by 10:30pm after consuming at least 15-20 items (my buddy and I are HUGE eaters). We ordered approx. 5-10 to start and just kept ordering.

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      Awesome, thanks for your help LVI !

    2. My wife and i were there a couple of weeks ago and put away more food than what most people recommend. It really depends on whats on the special boards(make sure to ask to see both). Grilled items are rather small, maybe 2 bites per person, while other items are more filling. I suggest ordering 2 to 3 items at a timeuntil youre full. I also strongly suggest trying to get a counter seat.

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        Did any of you guys try the Oden ?

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            Yea, its the second (or third) category on the menu. I think the concept is you order a bunch of those items, and they come together steamed in a broth. Intriguing, but I have never had it and not sure if I would like it, how to order it, and how to eat it :)

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              LOL! You should have seen me Googling "Oden Las Vegas Restaurant" yesterday! I actually had 2 items from the "broth" once. 1 was a simple potato and the other was the seaweed. I would say it was not my thing. Not bad but certainly not something I would have again. Had to try it as I sat at the bar and continuously watched as item after item was pulled out.

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                LOL I was googling it 24 hours before you, probably, since I had no clue what it was. Thanks for the feedback, that's pretty much what I assumed too: fine, but not my thing :)